Ways to Turn Any Part of the House Into a Great Nursery

The addition of a nursery in a home is a great renovation activity to undergo. It means that a new bundle of joy has arrived and people will surely fawn over the baby in no time. However, there are some few rules when doing so. Since a baby is also very susceptible to many things, doing renovations should be handled with utmost care and focus on details.

Here are some steps to make the house the perfect place for a baby to live and thrive in:

1.     Do a checklist and a timeline.

Basically, it is not the advisable to start the construction once the baby arrives. Putting in a few months, like around five or six prior, before the arrival of the baby should be enough time to make sure that the project will be successfully accomplished.

The time frame provides the family and the contractor several options when it comes to the actual outcomes that may arise from the renovation initiative. For example, if there is a need to break down a wall in between the master’s bedroom and the nursery for easier access for the parents, this may require the family first to live in a hotel while the project is ongoing. Also, pest control may lead to health problems for the baby should it be done too close to his or her arrival or worse, during the actual stay of the baby.

The time will also happily give the mother ample opportunities to nest and shop for materials for the baby, without worrying about dust or cement.

2.     Focus on baby proofing.

Make the renovation the time for also baby proofing the whole house and the room that will be built. Ensure that no hanging items will fall on the crib or there will be no high cabinets that are not firmly bolted on the walls. The floors should have non-slip material to ensure that no one will encounter any accident while bringing the baby’s items in or out of the room or when carrying the baby.

Windows should have an extra pre-caution on the opening to keep the baby safe from intruders, especially wild animals for those living in the suburbs. If possible, install cameras that the parents can refer to during the middle of the night or while doing chores.

If there is a staircase near the door of the nursery, place a gate on it to prevent the baby from falling from the steps especially when he or she starts to crawl or walk.


3.     Mind the materials.

Renovating any part of the house to become a nursery is not just about aesthetics but also about safety as mentioned. But to truly ensure the health of the child, the homeowners must also be mindful of the materials used for construction. Today, non-toxic paints are already available and to be more environment friendly, you can choose to use recycled wood and fixtures.

Having a baby in the home is a big joy in itself and making the house the perfect place for the baby is a great way to prepare for the coming of your little bundle of joy.

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