Upgrading the Stove: Renovation Tips for a More Modern and Updated Kitchen

Remodeling the kitchen is no easy task for homeowners. With several key components involved such as electricity wirings and water pipes, kitchens are the hardest to renovate in any part of the home. However, doing so also provides the greatest reward. According to most real estate experts, a good kitchen gives any home a better value more than anything else. Simply put, that budget for the kitchen remodel is always well-spent – you get to prepare in a beautiful kitchen and at the same time, have a more expensive house should you decide to sell it.

Here are some ways to do so to translate to a kitchen that’s more modern and updated:

1. Invest in the equipment

Take out the stovetops and ovens that cannot seem to work and go buy some industrial grade gear, which can surely be found inside a restaurant kitchen. It does not have to have everything (you won’t need a high pressure stove for wok fire ups) but at least the essentials should be grade A.

Having the table preps in stainless steel also gives you the sense of calm as you are sure that this kitchen does not support bacteria growth.

2. Open up the cupboards

Why have closed cupboards that simply house old kitchen pieces? It is better to have an open shelving system as it does not only look more colourful with all the bottles, kitchenware and food supplies, it also prevents pests from taking over. When it comes to the kitchen, it’s out of sight, out of mind so having everything visible makes for a kitchen wherein nothing is wasted and all is used.

3. Incorporate a library

Who says the library can only be found in a living room or office? Place your priced cookbooks and coffee table tomes right in the kitchen! Shelves can be installed separately or can be placed on the side of the island table. It makes the space look much brighter and more inviting.

Better yet, place a simple entertainment system with a good flat screen TV and sound system. It makes dining more fun, especially when you have family and friends over for the weekend.

4. Get a theme

What makes kitchens also look dated is the fact that it is usually a hodgepodge of elements. Instead, have a theme. Is it the 50’s? Then go and get a red fridge and some colorful wallpaper. Want a more masculine kitchen fit for a bachelor? Greys and steels and lots of wood shall do the trick. Having a theme to follow for the design provides ample focus and gives the project much more control in terms of the elements that shall go into it. Do not fall prey to an anything goes mindset otherwise, you will really see your contractor bill skyrocket.

Remember, a kitchen is supposed to be a place for creating and whipping up dishes so make it a beautiful one to make every cooking experience even more special. For Brisbane East or Redlands City Renovation, contact www.4sk.com.au.