Top Reasons Why People Renovate and How Designers Can Capitalise on Them

People are driven by many things when deciding to renovate. But of course, the primary reason is the need for change in surroundings. Once the homeowner has focused on this, the designer’s role to win the business is to further probe and find out what drives this decision forward.

This dictates the amount of money they actually will be willing to invest in the project, the time they are happy to spend doing the renovation, and the designs that will make them happy to support. Here are some questions to ask to find out further their top reasons for deciding to renovate:

1. Are the kids moving out of the home? Are there other people moving in?

The home is a reflection of the current lifestyle of the family. A family home with smaller kids is generally child-proofed and everything serves a specific purpose. As the children grow and eventually pack their bags for college, the home design changes and the parents are able to decide on things that go beyond utility but for enjoyment. The rooms of the kids may be turned into a gym or a game room or probably a hobby room for the parents.

The same way happens when the parent ages or there is a need to receive more people in the home like extended family. There is a need for adjustments as the elderly cannot go up the stairs anymore and there is a limit in mobility and likewise if the person moving in is a college student, he or she has requirements that a renovation needs to address.

2. What don’t you like about your current home situation, design-wise?

More often than not, clients cannot pinpoint what they like exactly for the output of the renovation. However, they will surely what they do not like – that’s why they are renovating in the first place after all, because there is also something wrong in their surroundings. So ask exactly what they hate and hinge your proposal on it.

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3. How much are you really willing to spend?

Homeowners renovate because they can finally afford to do so. There is a budget that they can set aside for it. But no matter how good the design or how high end their taste is, it will all be for nothing if there is a great disconnect with the budget and what they actually want to achieve. As a designer, your job is to bridge the gap. Showing designs that reflect their preferences is amazing but more so if it is at the price range that they can really afford.

4. What are your long term plans?

It is possible also that the homeowner wants to sell the property that’s why they are renovating. Knowing this is important because then there is a only certain percentage that they should spend on for the renovation or else they may need to pass on the cost to the selling price of the home.

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