Home furnishings are the icing of the cake of any renovation project. No matter how delicious or well-made the cake is, it still would not look appetizing without it. The finishing touches are the most expensive part of any renovation and yet are the most important. If done badly, it can quickly make a place look cheap and bad, as if a renovation was not done in the first place.

Sadly, given its importance, it can also be the most expensive aspect in renovating a house. But there are ways to save on furnishings without the hefty price tag that usually goes with it. Here are some quick and creative tips to follow to make that home a beautiful one:

1.     Make use of books

Books are very artsy and by stacking them up in shelves, they lend an instant pop of colour to any living room. Instead of just having all vases or photographs, books provide a different texture that can liven up a space, not to mention that it also makes for a good conversation starter with guests during parties.

2.     No need to buy everything brand new

Although having an all brand new house sounds great, it does not always translate to a happy wallet or a cooperative budget. Items such as glasses and cutleries and even cooking implements such as cast iron pans and stoves can be purchased secondhand from restaurants that are updating their stocks or from flea markets. Couch covers can also be re-created by a seamstress from existing curtains or beddings.

A word of caution though – what should not be purchased second hand? Paint cans should be brand new to ensure quality upon application. Those that have been in stock for years may already have bad chemicals in them that have turned bad and may compromise a new wall. If possible, stay away from old beds too unless you know and trust the person you are buying them from as these may have bugs and other skin diseases in them.

3.     Explore art from other sources

Instead of scouring expensive art houses, go for the street art galleries for pieces in the home. You can be sure that these items are just as authentic but are expensive. Most of all, getting pieces from starting artists ensure that these are truly unique and one of a kind.

4.     Embrace the monochrome

Most modernly designed homes are not necessarily boring but only carry, at most, five colors. Most interior designers also espouse the idea of monochrome pieces when providing advice for new home owners. For example, instead of having different kinds of photo frames in several designs and colors; opt for one design in different sizes instead such as black or stainless frames. It instantly makes the space look cohesive and organized.

For those who love flowers as accents, choose one kind and color and height and place them in the same pots or vases to recreate the relaxing and very chic look on hotel lobbies.

It doesn’t cost much but provides so much punch on the space!

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