Restaurants in general thrive by perfecting three things: the food, the service, and the ambiance. With food, you can hire the best chef and research and development people to prepare the best culinary dishes and to innovate every quarter to make sure the place always serves something new. For service, training always plays a big role in ensuring that the people what they sell and how they sell it. Of course, this will be the function of human resources.

But when it comes to the ambiance, it gets a bit more tricky and challenging. There are ways to gauge the quality of food or service but what about ambiance? More than anything, the ambiance is what makes people feel and it completely affects both food and service.

With this in mind, renovating or even designing a restaurant before it opens can make it or break it. A too designed place keeps people away the same way that a poorly designed one stops people from considering it. So what can an owner do?

  1. Know your market

    It’s easy to decide to have the best materials for one’s restaurant. But the most expensive fixtures should not be the priority – it’s the market that the restaurant is trying to serve that should be the main driver of all decisions. What is the price range of the food? Is it for the people who eat leisurely or those who are on the rush everyday with only an hour for lunch? If it’s the former, the restaurant can have long couches and darker lighting as well. With the latter, a well-lit, more industrial-looking chairs work best since people are not there to stay but to eat and then go.

    Also, the weight of the utensils plays a role. For more formal dining restaurants, stainless steel and complete spreads are expected while quick service restaurants can simply provide good quality disposable spoons and forks.

  2. Invest in the kitchen

    When renovating, use the majority of the budget in the kitchen. After all, that is literally where the magic happens. Great kitchens produce great dishes and what’s a restaurant without its amazing food? Take the opportunity to level up to all stainless steel fixtures and enjoy the never ending benefits of having a restaurant that’s cleaner and safer for food preparation.

    A kitchen that’s well thought of is a gift that keeps on giving for the business. Food is cooked properly, it is served in the right time and at the right temperature, and guests in the end are happier, more eager to come back and tell their friends to join them.

  3. Get smarter appliances

    Restaurants have a lot of expenses starting with its electronics. Instead of cutting corners, try getting smarter appliances instead. LED lights emit more light for less energy. Restaurants are big water guzzlers as well with all the hand washing and food cleaning being done. Try to be more nature friendly by doing a zero waste water system. It’s not just good business as the place saves water, but responsible as well.

    At the end of the day, restaurants are still businesses more than anything else and being smart when it comes to renovations to achieve the best ambiance is the way to go.

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