With the housing industry in the upswing, many homes are available for purchase with the complete amenities. Instead of building a new house and purchasing new land, buying a ready-made house has a lot of benefits and perks. First of all, the paper work of the house is already intact and cleared. Banks are also much more open to providing financial assistance as well. Furthermore, structure-wise, the houses are also trusted to be fit for habitation.

The only downside is that design-wise, the style and overall look of the house may not necessarily preferred by the new buyers. This is where the advantages of renovation come in handy. Here are some tips to note of in doing so:

  1. Have an overall pest control and material check.

    Having an expert look at the house for any pests can make the renovation run much more smoothly. They can advise which walls or areas of the ceiling for example need to be focused on in terms of new structure. This helps in maximizing the budget and spending it where it matters.

    Structural examinations give an idea as to what was used for the home. If asbestos was used for example, it would be smarter for the buyer set their sights on another home as this material is very bad for human health.

    This process eliminates so many heartaches later on for the homeowner and unnecessary expenses later on as the renovation begins.

  2. Start with the walls.

    Since the house is already built, the walls become the de facto blank canvas that the prospective owners can explore. Experimenting with different colors and shade applications is a great way to liven up the space. A fresh coat of paint instantly makes a place look new.

    For those who are more adventurous, using murals also works well. Choose designs such as cartoon characters for the kid’s room or maps for the bedroom of couples who love to travel. These design elements make a great conversation piece for guests coming over. Compared to a wallpaper, murals are more creative and more modern and they avoids making the place look dated.

  3. Have a garage sale but keep the best ones to yourself.

    For homes that were sold together with their interiors such as furniture pieces, doing a garage sales is a perfect way to raise more budget for acquiring shopping money. It’s also the opportunity to meet new people in the neighborhood.

    But aside from being willing to part ways with old stuff, be open to the idea that some pieces may go just as well with the new house! Unboxing some items from the basement may unearth some treasure that has gone unnoticed. Pieces such as tables and consoles can be repurposed as well as old vases or wine bottles.

    Fine china or ceramic pieces are truly one of a kind. Having an expert over to look at the items may just be huge surprise to the family and a possible windfall just might be around the corner. Homes are a great gift, and those that have been well-loved before may have more gifts to give to their new owners. Keep exploring!

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