Anyone who thinks renovation is a fun project has definitely not undergone this painstaking activity. There’s more to renovation than just redecorating. Renovation is often done to fix problems, keep the home in good condition, and make the home attractive to buyers (if you plan to sell it.) Most people would really rather build or buy instead of renovate as it usually opens up a can of worms of numerous problems that usually puts a more painful dent on one’s expenses than expected. However, there is a way to avoid being in this trap and that is by knowing the telltale signs when a home needs a bit of nip and tuck before it becomes a huge headache.

How does one tell? Check out these signs.

Presence of water damage

Look up and really examine your ceiling. Do you see discoloration – usually of the brown or grey variety? If all roads point to yes, you have an existing roof problem due to water leakage. To avoid totally gutting your whole roof (although it pays to shell out a bit more to replace the part of the roof causing the leakage), have your ceiling checked and have the part of the ceiling totally replaced. Water maybe flooding in the area and sooner or later, it may burst due to the weight and cause flooding inside your house.

Continuously increasing utility bill costs

Electricity bills that seem to skyrocket on a monthly basis are a sign of problems inside the house. It may be your garage door that seems to have holes in them or probably your heater that is not working properly anymore.

It may also be, unfortunately, due to the whole wiring of the house and may lead to a fire hazard later on. A schedule with an electrician may be in place. Also, replacement of most old appliances is advisable as most of them may be using up so much electricity.

Water bills that are usually manageable also go haywire when pipes are busted. This only means that the kitchen and the bathrooms have to be renovated to solve this problem.

Bad smell inside the house

You have been cleaning your house so well but cannot shake off that bad odor emanating from somewhere?

There may be mold build up especially for homes that are made from mostly wood. It is important to renovate as inhaling this may cause lung problems for everyone in the house. Re-tiling of bathrooms or other areas exposed to water is necessary to get rid of nasty and stubborn mildew.

Wall to wall carpeting may also be the cause as food particles and other elements have already seeped in too deep and no amount of cleaning can get rid of them.

Dated design

Admit it: every guest probably thinks you’re stuck in the 80’s.

More than the utilitarian aspect of renovation, it is also necessary to shake things up and get on with the times. Updating one’s home is a great way to freshen up the look of the house and be a way to create a more comfortable abode for everyone. It helps reflect the personality of the homeowners and makes for a house that is much more conducive to living, resting, and nesting. It also helps increase the value of your home.

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