Three Renovation Tips for the Holidays

Turning the home into a holiday-ready place is a great challenge for most homeowners. It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but the days leading to it can be a real nightmare when it comes to renovating the home to make if perfect for gatherings with family and friends and of course, for the upcoming new year.


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Renovating at the end of the year is necessary, but definitely does not have to be stress-inducing. Like preventing last minute shopping by having a good list and checking it twice, here are ways to renovate with the holidays just around the corner:

1.     Make pest control a priority

When it comes to renovation, beautifying the space is the first thing that people think about. What makes this way of thinking wrong and thoroughly counterproductive is that it makes for a very short sighted view of the task at hand. Starting off with corrective action when renovating is the way to go and on top of that long list should be about pest control.

No matter how expensive the wood is for floors or walls, if the house has termites, all of it will be for naught. Love the design of the ceiling? The presence of molds and mildew that can cause asthma to the people in the house renders it useless. Instead, get a professional exterminator and have all the pipes checked to make sure that these pests are not thriving on some pool of water from damaged areas in the house.

While you are at it, ensure that electricity wirings are good too – it makes for fantastic lights on the tree come Christmas time!

2.     Overhaul the kitchen.

Among all the parts of the house, the kitchen is the most used and abused of them all. Make it conducive to non-stop cooking and hosting by having a new kitchen. If there is a limited budget, investing it in the kitchen pays off really good in the end, especially if the owners decide on selling the house in the future.

Opt for a top of the line gas range with a heavy duty exhaust hood to prevent the whole house from smelling like roast pork until Valentine’s Day. Purchasing a smart refrigerator also saves on electricity bills as people open and close the fridge endlessly. Having one that is able to dispense ice cubes or drinks from the outside is very convenient for any party host.

Love wine? A simple cellar in place can make any holiday or any party all year round the talk of the town.

3.     Pay attention to the externals

What’s the use of carefully designed lights if it’s placed on a badly maintained lawn? This goes as well for lights to be placed on the façade of the house. A good coat of paint can do any home a whole lot of good. New plants can make the whole house look more festive and holiday-ready even with sparse decorations.

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