Six Bathroom Renovation Ideas for a More Luxurious Bathing Experience

The bathroom, aside from the bedroom, is the most relaxing places in the home especially for the women of the house. In there, rituals are done and followed that lead to a feeling of bliss and contentment after a day outside. It’s where women can just literally shed and just be themselves as they make themselves beautiful and ready for another day of work or for a deep slumber in bed at night.

That is why the scheduled bathroom renovation should be used as an opportunity to raise the stakes and make the bathroom as luxurious and as relaxing as it could be depending on one’s interests, passions, and budget. Here are some upgrade ideas to incorporate:

1.     Install a rainfall shower instead of the usual showerhead

Ever wondered what it would feel like to take a shower in a hotel? The rainfall showerhead is the answer. It is much bigger in width than a normal one and the water’s pressure can also be adjusted. In just one turn of the knob, enjoy a joyful shower that also massages your head and upper body.

2.     Have a claw foot tub

For those who are big fans of history or vintage items, a claw foot tub is a sight to behold. Make it even better by getting a true antique one. It makes for a beautiful key item inside the bathroom as well as a conversation piece for visitors.

3.     Place a reflexology path

Instead of the usual cobblestones or tiles, elevate the wellness factor of your bathroom by having a reflexology path. Look for a professional who can choose the right stones and placement to make walking alone in the shower or standing in the shower a truly healing experience literally from head to foot.

4.     Get a mini wine chiller fridge

What’s the best thing about being in the tub enjoying a bubble bath with scented candles all around providing some good aroma? Enjoying a glass of bubbly while you’re at it; but instead of lugging a wine tub with ice and waiting for it to chill, why not have a small wine chiller right inside the bathroom? Include the glasses as well for a more 5-star feel.

5.     Install a professional sound system

Music is good for the soul, even more when you are soaking in the tub. Instead of living in constant fear of plopping your smartphone or iPod in the water as you wipe your hands dry while changing the music, invest instead with a surround sound system with a remote control you can use right beside you. There is no more fear of losing your phone to water and your peace being disturbed by an annoying text, email, or phone call.

6.     Lighting is everything

However, nothing is ever good if it’s all under ugly white light. Have a lighting system installed with a dimmer to set the mood in every bathing moment. You will thank yourself for it.

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