Runaway Home Edition: Renovating to Include a Walk-in Closet

Having a walk-in closet is like living the dream! Imagine having a place with all your clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories all lined up and visible every morning makes dressing up and preparing for work or school less of a chore. It also makes for a great additional storage space, lessening the clutter inside any bedroom.

But in most design cases, renovation can be a big hassle and can put a serious dent in one’s expenses if not done right and well. To ensure this will not happen, here are ways to start off that walk-in closet project in no time:

1.     Start with a timeline

Because of it being in a bedroom, renovating can render anyone basically homeless and may need to stay first in a hotel or a rental during the renovation process. With a contractor, work out a workable timeline wherein the whole project will be finished at a time that’s understandable for all parties without exceeding costs.

A good Brisbane East renovation company should also be able to provide the right amount for the whole project and be able to stick with it no matter what. Factor in the prices of the materials and labor costs from the very beginning to prevent surprises.

And then to avoid the smoke and other materials from entering the other places in the house, board up the construction area properly.

2.     Be gender neutral

A way to make the renovation easier, cheaper and faster is to choose a gender neutral design. Instead of flimsy chandeliers and carpeting, gender neutral walk-ins deal with modern and stark designs that are very straightforward and deals with basic colors. Let the clothes’ colors shine!

3.     Measure, measure, measure

The only way to get things right is by measuring precisely the whole space for the walk-in. No matter how expensive, custom made shelves and cabinets are always a good thing as it makes the space better fitted and grander-looking.

4.     Study the clothes

But instead of looking at countless catalogs for designs, look at the clothes you own. This will enable the contractor to assess the kind of walk-in closet that will work best aside from the space considerations. Although having a Carrie Bradshaw closet is ideal, the wardrobe may mainly consist of shirts and pants which defeat the whole purpose of having spaces for long gowns and dresses. And don’t forget the shoes. Make sure to have a space for lace ups and boots. The last thing any owner wants is to have items still on the floor after investing in an expensive walk-in closet.

5.     Consider the space

In general, having a walk-in closet requires topping down a few walls to fit it in but if possible, sacrifice instead the space inside the master’s bedroom. Do you really need all that space beside the bed and a whole sitting area by the corner? The whole point of a walk-in is convenience and the nearer it is to the bathroom, the better.

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