Renovating one’s home is a painstaking process, a commitment that a homeowner makes from start to finish. From finances to time, renovations can take a toll on a homeowner’s sanity trying to make sense of a home that’s about to be turned upside down. Where will the family live? Will it affect the normal lives of those living in the house? And will it affect the budget while it is ongoing? These are just some of the many questions that run through a homeowners mind.

However, renovation need not be a stressful real life nightmare. It can also serve another more positive purpose – and that is to make a financial rainfall for the homeowner ones the ordeal is over and a potential buyer comes knocking. A beautiful house and a fatter bank account? It’s not as farfetched as it sounds.

Here are ways to make it happen to you:

  1. Paint it well and good

When renovating, look at the most basic – the walls. No buyer will ever fall for a house that’s falling apart, a peeling paint at a time. According to, choosing the right color is key to achieving this. Visit your local Bunnings or other Hardware and ask the paint experts to prepare shades. When it comes to renovating for a profit, leave the accent walls for some other time, shades that are easy on the eyes and make the house seem bigger and more spacious is the way to go.

  1. Upgrade the facilities

Upgrading your facilities provides the buyer the convenience that their money can buy. Remember, those who look at made houses are looking at moving in the shortest possible amount of time. Having a house that’s ready to be lived in makes the time to make the decision to sign the dotted line much shorter as well as your trip to the nearest bank much sooner.

  1. The sale is in the details

It’s easy to overlook the small things when it comes to renovations but sometimes what separates the great house from the good ones is in something as simple as a door knob.

Check the house’s faucets and windows, even the flush. Sometimes, due to time or undue negligence, some of them don’t work anymore. You would want to be caught unaware during the open house. Also, smart decisions such as shifting the lights to LED bulbs can be greatly appreciated as well as installing smarter appliances to help the buyer save up on utilities.

  1. Take care of the outside as much as the inside

Sure the inside of the house is perfect but is a huge tree about to fall on the roof and destroy half the house? Opening up the house by fixing the yard and taking care of trees can be a big help in creating the perfect first impression. Sprucing up the garden won’t hurt either.

In the end, having the house you yourself would love to live in is the best way to help sell it.