No two pink lines change people’s lives than those seen on a pregnancy test. Suddenly, a team of two becomes three and the ascent to babyhood continues to affect their lives in more ways than one, especially in the place where they live.

With it comes the wonderful and stressful reality that renovation moves from one that is for simple beautification to one that will house a child for the formative years of his or her life. Here are ways to make that home perfect for the coming baby:

Making the house safe for the child is the first step to consider. Although having a great spiral staircase is one to behold, it’s also a death trap for a crawling or running toddler. But before committing to a safe but unattractive house, fret not. There are ways to make it safe without throwing design out the door. Installation can be adjusted to ensure that the design will not be compromised especially when the time comes that the renovations are needed.

It’s also good to look at ways to lock items such as knives, firearms, cleaning liquids and the like to make them inaccessible to little children. Ways to the kitchen or restrooms can also be blocked to avoid future emergencies related to fire or burns and drowning.

Hate the fact that the nursery has to be blue or pink? Modern design ideas now include gender neutral executions that make the room more sophisticated than ever. Colors such as dove grey or summery yellows are used to liven up the space. Use of all-white fixtures and beddings also make the space ultra-luxe without the frills –whether it’s a boy or a girl.
Speaking of modern design, going the gender neutral route also helps convert the room as the child grows. Aside from paints, chosen furniture can also be taken into consideration wherein the pieces can turn from changing tables to desks or choosing lamps or drapes that can stay in the room for years to come.

Once a family grows, space and storage will also play a very big role. So it is better to speak with the designer when spending on renovation in the first place to accommodate the bundle of joy. More than the toys, a place to store books and big clothes can be thought of already.

With the coming baby, it’s also time to edit the items found inside the home. No time is better to take stock of what the couple owns and decide if these are great to have around with the baby. Items such as carpets on the hallway that gathers dust or cabinets that are easy to open and just houses trash or knick knacks can be cleaned out and sold.

Keeping a fuss free and easy to maintain house is the best kind there is for one that is about to welcome a miracle – and days of sleepless nights!