Renovating to Achieve a Chic and Rustic Home

Homeowners, those who are committed to making their abodes better and brighter and more comfortable, always love the chic and rustic look. It makes a space more homey and cozy and provides an ambiance that is lived in. Aside from that, rustic homes are also more or less easier to maintain as it doesn’t have to look so perfect and pristine as you would for contemporary or themed designs.

But how does one achieve a really good looking chic and rustic home through renovation? Here are some ways to do so:

1.     Embrace the unfinished look

The cornerstone of any rustic looking home is the burnished wood look. You can choose to have it as your flooring for the whole house, instantly setting the stage for home elements that will add to its beauty. The best thing about the unfinished look as well is that it doesn’t necessary have to be brand new. Save for some cases wherein of course you have to check if the wood is still healthy or can be used in your state (when using wood,  the weather or seasons should be taken into consideration to prevent premature aging or pests), the wood can be recycled from old homes or offices. This makes it cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

As for your ceiling for example, leaving it unexposed with your beams makes for a bigger looking home. For your dining area, using items such as second hand copper wire baskets, old tall glass vases with fresh lemons or oranges, and different colored cloth place mats give so much art as you prepare your meals for the family. With rustic, it just has to have soul but not necessarily have to be super perfect to look amazing.

2.     Make lighting work for you

The whole ambiance of a rustic home is all about the lights. If you can, incorporate as much natural lighting as you can in every part of the house. With the help of repurposed garage doors, you do not only add more personality to the house, but also more sunlight and fresh air. The garage doors also provide instant access to a sprawling garden and pool from the outside.

Aside from Mother Nature’s lighting, you can also invest all that extra cash from not buying brand new furniture by splurging on your light fixtures. Those exposed wooden beams can benefit greatly from drop down lights. Choosing unique light designs such as floor lamps can provide an edge to your space. Having a dimmer sets the mood and using stainless steel and LED and other sophisticated lighting fixes can make the home very rustic and yet modern looking.

3.     Think of comfort more than anything else

When renovating, the idea is to have more rounded edges in every part of the house. Incorporate bigger couches that can house more people and stick to a good color wheel of cyan, dark greens, browns, and off whites. These elements provide a sense of tranquility that will surely make leaving the house quite a challenge.

Chic Contemporary Rustic Home

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