There is nothing happier for parents than knowing that after years of caring for their kids, the house are again theirs for the taking as the children leave the home for college or are moving out to live on their own as they pursue their careers. Suddenly, the house that’s filled with clothes, computers, and so much food are slowly getting empty as it turns to one where just a couple resides.

However, all that space can be very overwhelming. What’s a couple to do with all that room and board? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Time to clean.

    Instead of immediately buying new furniture, the first step is to take stock of what is there. Are there old tables that can be turned into side tables or settees? Are there some sheets that can be used to refurbish couches? These items can be re-used and turned into something more productive. And instead of giving it away or placing it in storage, save some cash by simply using them for the home’s re-design.

    Also, those that cannot be re-used can be simply sold via a garage sale. This then adds more the budget of the renovation.

  2. Think of the future.

    It’s easy to go crazy on the renovation, but couples must be smart. Instead of opting for contemporary designs, it’s better to use the money in creating a home that can serve them well until their golden years and beyond.

    Aside from focusing on a beautiful design, taking into consideration being in the old age can be great as well. Usually this may involve a bigger garden or wider stairs. Don’t waste the opportunity to save on costs and a beautiful home for the long run.

    If the renovation is going to be major, it might as well serve the family and the couple well into the rest of their lives. This is something that can be achieved with an understanding contractor and designer. Opt for more whites, muted colors and classic furniture pieces that may also serve as heirloom pieces that the kids can use as well in their future houses.

  3. Live with your passions

    Now is the time also to start stocking up on items that the couple may have passed on due to bills for the kids like paintings and sculptures or probably a designer chair like an Eames or a Cobonpue. After all that hard work and dedication raising children and building a home for them for 18 years, their departure also merits a milestone for the couple. Whatever it is, whether it’s a chandelier or a 48-inch television – it’s time to splurge and enjoy.

  4. Renovate for a profit

    Maybe at some point a six-bedroom may be too big for a couple. The mounting expenses should also be taken into consideration as well as future plans like let’s say, traveling or even moving to a much smaller house. If this is the case, then renovating the house with the goal of putting it in the market is a perfectly legitimate reason. Choose safe colors and fixtures and let the house speak for itself. The money can go to the couple’s Europe fund or apartment downpayment. Either way, it’s time to have fun!

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