The kitchen of any house is its party central, no doubt about it. It’s where people converge and where food magic happens. However, there is more to the kitchen than meets the eye. As much as it can be the happy place for most families, eye sores such as exposed cords, overcrowded counters, ragged kitchenware, and molds everywhere.

LG House - Kitchen

So if you are planning to keep the magic happening inside the kitchen, here are some tips to renovate and decorate it to gustatory success:

  1. Plan ahead.

Renovating the kitchen can be such a hassle (read: where will you cook and eat?) as a lot of elements necessary for living normally on a daily basis is found there. Planning ahead with your contractor can be the best decision you can make. Set aside a day to really put into writing your timeline, your budget, and your expectations. This will speed up the renovation process and can help you save on costs in the long term, removing the guesswork and the corrective actions from the equation.

Once you have this nailed down, it’s time to get to work and the first thing to do is to board up the area really well. This will ensure that although a portion of the house is being renovated, the whole house doesn’t look like it by being covered in dust everywhere.

  1. Re-think your appliances.

When in the renovation stage, be smart about your appliances already that you will be placing in the kitchen. Opt for pieces that work hard and look even better. It may cost you more to invest in cost-efficient pieces, but the returns in terms of saved electricity are worth it. Choose energy-efficient home appliance as they’re not only neat, but they also save money for the long-term, according to

Also, always choose to get items that are of standard size to be able to create an area for each and every one of them in storage, lessening the clutter from all your counters.

Aberfeldie Project
  1. Build a pantry.

Looking at items on your kitchen counter maybe great, but having a pantry to store all your groceries is the gift that keeps on giving. With a pantry, you can see everything – from items that you need more of to those that you can probably still live on for a few more months.

The pantry will also lessen the need to overstock the fridge, helping it last longer and work more efficiently in actually maintaining perishable goods such as leftovers.

Spacious Kitchen Pantry
  1. Remove panels with signs of pest infestation.

Renovating is necessary as well as decorating it, but pest control measures can help make your kitchen last a lifetime, without fear of getting sick because of critters and other pests. Once there is a sign of termites or presence of cockroaches, no matter how much you love it, it’s time to get rid of it. No amount of sentimentality should be taken into account when it comes to pest control. Doing so will surely make those coffers free from items that you don’t really need.

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