Reinventing the Bath: New Home Via The Loo

The bathroom is the window to a homeowner’s true style and passion for designing and in keeping a house. It’s easy to slap on a mirror, a shower, and a toilet on any space permissible but it takes a true stylish and meticulous homeowner to know that it’s more than just a space and a bathroom is more than what it’s made to be.

However, the bathroom is also one of the most expensive when it comes to renovations. It is the one that involves the most intricate of back end work due to the plumbing and other drainage systems in the picture. But this is not an excuse to bear a bathroom that’s just stark white with the bare minimum designs! With the right mindset and these tips, a wonderful bathroom worthy of an interior design magazine isn’t a farfetched dream!

1.       Make them uniform

The fastest way to create a high end looking and clutter free bathroom is by taking out the different shampoo and body wash bottles and placing them in uniform, properly labeled bottles.

Whether in all grey scheme or black, this makes the counters seamless and more put together than having a bunch of branded bottles in different sizes in one area. It also helps in keeping counters more sturdy as the weight is controlled and does not cause unnecessary weight on the hinges against the walls (read: no hanging cords or unsightly gaping holes!)

As with those cleaning materials, keep them in another place instead of under the toilet or sink. Those chemicals will be away from curious kids and pets and avoid poisoning as well.

2.       Incorporate nature

Placing plants inside the bathroom is a surefire way to instantly add color and personality. Succulents spruce up any space and are very low maintenance. Also, live stones can be created in a path to designate areas inside the bathroom which makes for a more pleasing sight instead of cold tiles.

And speaking of tiles, why not use garden tiles instead of the usual marble ones? Anyway, these big, chiseled and bulky tiles have a more modern feel and provide more friction instead of the slippery white ones. Garden tiles are also cheaper and can free up more space to one’s budget.

3.       Antique is in

All the elements need not be brand new all the time when it comes to renovations. Go on vintage trips and scour stores for classic brass or silver handles that lend a more elegant look. Plus, there’s no rule about everything matching. Just like in fashion, high-low in terms of prices works in bathrooms too.

Antique items also lend a bit of history to your space. Plus, there’s nothing quite like a claw foot tub from the 1800’s.

4.       Light it up

Lighting is also important in setting the mood, but who has the budget of a 5-star hotel for dimming? Time to bust out those scented candles for a one-two punch: you get the mood and the scent all at the same time. Also, scents such as citronella for example add in an additional effect – zero pests.

You can also incorporate other elements to your standard LED lighting with balls of rustic materials. You save on electricity but not on beauty.

At the end of the day, designing need not be like rocket science to make it happen. The best bathroom is really just one creative and out of the box decision away!

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