If you are an interior designer, you might have had some of your clients show you a page from Ikea catalogue and ask you what style is often featured in the photos. You know that Ikea usually features either a minimalist or  Scandinavian interior design, but how do you know which is which?


One of the main differences between the minimalist and the Scandinavian designs are the materials used. Scandinavian design uses natural materials into the design, while minimalist use industrial materials.  So when you look at an Ikea catalog and see woven hemp rugs, wooden baskets and similar items, then you are looking at a Scandinavian design. On the other hand, if you see cement or metal, plastic or chrome geometric shapes serving as the main and scant decoration in the room, then you are looking at a minimalist style.


Another factor to differentiate between minimalist and Scandinavian designs is the colors they use. Minimalist designs often favor a white and black color scheme, which gives the room a modern, elegant look. Usually, white dominates and black is used for contrast. Scandinavian designs on the other hand have no limit when it comes to the colors it can use as long as it is pale, neutral colors.


While the minimalist style offers a dash of elegant beauty and office-like ambience, Scandinavian style is often focused on being comfortable, snug, warm and pleasant. You can’t mistake a Scandinavian home for a studio or an office. The minimalist style on the other hand can pass as an office space because of its directness and seriousness.  Scandinavian designs usually give the feeling of intimacy with your home while the minimalist design gives a sense of distance.

Which is Better?

The choice between Scandinavian style versus minimalist style depends on the client. People who look for cozy homes where they can feel so snug and comfortable would usually favor a Scandinavian interior design, while those who are after elegance and modernistic simplicity would want a minimalist style. It all boils down to your personal taste and lifestyle.

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