Making Room for a Library in the Home

Having a library at home is one of the best decisions a homemaker can do, especially if they have children. Libraries provide a good respite for every member of a family and espouse the gift for reading. These are also good design additions as books have colourful covers or skeletons that add a splash of hue in any room.

However, houses that are challenged with precious square meters may find libraries cumbersome and a bad investment. Here are some ways to have a fantastic library without sacrificing much needed space:

  1. Make the room work harder.

If a library is placed in a room, it does not exactly have to be exclusively a library. Places such as guest rooms can be converted into libraries as well as home offices. By having modular furniture, these places can be easily changed to look like a good reading area. Instead of empty walls or feel the pressure to purchase expensive art pieces, shelves of books can serve as the item to spruce up the room in no time.

No room for a library? Don’t fret. Libraries can also be placed in open spaces such as living rooms and foyers. Homeowners can also install their library of cooking literature on the sides of their kitchen islands, making their places of cooking more homey and cozy. Have a spacious living room? Moving the sofa a bit and installing the library can also serve as a way to make the living room serve as both a place to welcome guests and reading places. In general, floor to ceiling shelving are always better and more classic, and works in any kind of home – even those who are not blessed with high ceilings.

  1. It doesn’t always have to be about books.

Who says libraries can only be books? If you have vinyls, DVDs, or magazines, these can also work in creating a library. Not only does it lessen the clutter but also makes these electronic items last longer versus just keeping them inside boxes. Not only that, instead of having separate shelves for collectibles or picture frames, adding these in the shelves for the library makes for a better space problem solver.

  1. Bedroom libraries.

Another natural place to have a home library installed is in the bedroom. Shelves can be placed on the side of the bed to ground the space and provide balance versus side tables. Or as advises, the shelves themselves can serve as stands for lamps or lighting implements can be easily installed to save space and for easy access for reading lovers.

  1. Make use of those long hallways.

Have some bare hallways in the home and nothing much to decorate it with? Turning it into a library is a smart move. Install shelves that serve as both for books and with drawers. From the entrance of the home, a hall of books makes the place more cohesive especially before a solid colour of white or black.

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