Looking Up and Good: Renovation Tips for the Ceiling

Ceilings are the literal icing on the cake that is a beautiful home. It completes the whole look and ensures that the place looks cohesive design-wise. There are many ways to make use of ceilings as a focal point in creating a room that’s bright and well-maintained.

Here are some quick tips to ensure that the ceiling is all good to make for a home that’s a joy to look at and to live in with friends and family:

1.     Install some wooden beams.

Wooden beams add a different dimension to the house. For high ceiling homes, beams cut the enormity of the head room and provide it with a little more dimension and drama. To ensure that it is achieved seamlessly, Oldhouseweb.com advises to hire a good carpenter or a contractor that specializes in this line of work.

It further advises to use the same wooden trim and shade as that of the windows and the doors for a more consistent and classy look.

But if you are up for a more modern looking ceiling, wood is not just the way to go. Adding in steel and fiberglass beams as material provides a really cool futuristic look to any home. It also makes for good conversation material!

For rooms for kids and babies, adding in some cloth to have waves across the ceiling gives a softer and more gentle feel to it.

2.      Invest in good lighting fixtures

Ceilings can be plain and the way to spruce it up is by putting in really good lighting fixtures. Higher or dome like ceilings can benefit from drop lights or chandeliers. When creating a mood, it is better to stick to yellow light instead of the standard white light found in offices and hospitals.

Lighting gives more flair to the ceiling aside from providing the right feel and mood for the room.

Dining area with beautiful pendant lights.

3.     Watch out for water damage and molds

When renovating, ensure as well that the ceiling is in good condition before adding in more elements or any fixtures to beautify it. No chandelier can mask the unsightly look of a badly water damaged ceiling that is already discolored from years of neglect. Furthermore, check for molds. Let the renovation time be the perfect opportunity to get rid of them and purify the home from other pests. Ceilings, especially of old homes, can be a bed of roaches and mildew due to years of moisture because of water being stuck between the roof and the ceiling. Have a professional thoroughly check it before any real beautification is done to prevent expensive recon work.

4.     Paint it

Ceilings are not always white. It can have different colors to further add to the drama in the place. But a word of caution though for those with lower ceilings: darker shades of paint may cause the space to look smaller. Aside from paint, using wallpaper is also a great option to do as it gives more design choices.

Either way, it makes for a ceiling that’s more engaging and a home that’s more amazing.

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