Kitchen Renovation in Brisbane East: Trends for 2016

No place in the home gets the love and adulation quite like the kitchen. Being the place where people converge during parties and reunions, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It provides the sustenance for its homeowners and is the place where they are able to unleash their culinary creativity with aplomb.

That is why if you are procrastinating and has been cancelling that scheduled kitchen renovation for the last few years, it’s best to think that 2016 is the year to finally take the plunge and improve that kitchen! Here are some great trends to take note of before calling your trusty contractor:

1.     Home office right in the kitchen

With the increasingly busy lifestyles of people nowadays, there is less and less demarcation lines between home areas and this year, the kitchens are the new office. But before transferring your whole stuff right where you cook your food, hold up. The design will simply accommodate the benefits of an office such as a Wi-Fi connection and a place where the person can dock their prized gadgets such as smartphones and tablet computers to make emailing easy and accessible during waiting for those sauces to simmer or water to boil.

2.     Monochrome is the way to go

From the beiges and shabby chic looks of yore come the more industrial colors such as whites, greys, and blacks. In fact, most makers of appliances are coming out with lines under these colors which signal the shift from rustic to a more modern looking kitchen. These colors are no longer the base but the overall look of the kitchen.

3.     Goodbye shiny floors

For years, linoleum and tiles are the top choice for floors but 2016 is a different story altogether. What is usually avoided due to its tendency to be high maintenance, homes are opting to throw caution to the wind and going for very beautiful hardwood floors for their kitchens. Design wise it makes for a more fashionable cooking area and not to mention fits most kitchen designs.

If you are afraid of maintaining hardwood floors, time to stock up on some coconut oil. It’s a natural way to keep them healthy (versus caked from wax) and clean thanks to the oil’s antibacterial and anti-viral properties.

4.     Clean all the way

Speaking of cleaning, decluttering is the buzzword that ended 2015 and is the same idea which 2016 welcomes especially as far as kitchen remodeling ideas is concerned. Countertops are getting a clearing with rollouts and pullouts being incorporated in the designs to ensure those blenders and baking paraphernalia usually seen left on counters are found in cabinets instead.

5.     Would you like some wine?

Today, wine is as basic as orange juice and is no longer just for affluent homeowners. Thus, more and more are investing in wine refrigerators (yes, they exist!) for their mini wine collections and ensuring they are ready and on temp when the guests arrive.

Also, homes are welcoming smart appliances, right in their kitchens notwithstanding. An oven that turns off once the turkey is ready? Yes, please!

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