Home renovation in Brisbane East are a must to keep a home valuable and habitable. In any project, homeowners should focus first and foremost on the construction punch list items such as the plumbing, electrical, pest control, and other structural concerns. This ensures that the home is made well and will not fall apart after a few years, making the renovation the much needed investment that it was. 

After all that technical renovation requirements, it’s time to have fun! And one surefire way to make the place pop with color and personality is by adding some bright colors in the interior design. Ready to make that abode have a little bit of sunshine from the inside? Here are some ways to incorporate the brighter spectrum of the color wheel into your freshly renovated home:

1.       It’s not just all about flowers 

Whenever the idea of bright colors is propped up, the initial idea that most people have is the use of floral decors, which makes some opt not to do it, especially if there is also a man in the house. Instead, incorporate colorful prints such as whimsical animal prints or even cartoon characters for the kids’ room. There are also masculine ways to make color work like using movie posters or even limited edition sports memorabilia.

2.       Accents are the way to go 

Let’s face it: not everyone will love a house bursting with colors. But it should never stop you from exploring and still going for it. Home accents are the easiest way to include color in the house. For example, boring lamps can be certified head turners by painting their bases with shades such as moss green or chartreuse. Want some arresting light fixtures in your dining area? Why not purchase an old chandelier and re-paint it with colors such as shocking pink or even deep gold. Your home office table does not always have to be black or brown! Giving it a fresh coat of mint green or even dark blue can immediately give it some spunk amidst the whites and beige.

Upholstery is also a friend to those who love bright colors. Purchase some new fabrics that have really amazing prints and use it to upholster sofas and armchairs and have the extras sewn into pillowcases. 

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3.       Fresh is in

Bright colors are not just about what you can re-paint or purchase, it’s also about what you can plant. Natural plants give life to any place, not to mention the air cleaning prowess to freshen up the whole house. Big leaves in big pots may take up some more space than usual but they work for both small and big spaces because you would not need any more items. More so, if you can, flowering plants are perfect for the living room such as orchids, which make the place cozier and put together. 

There is also a growing trend in terrariums and succulents that make any home brighter with their lively colors.

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