House that Sells: How to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your House

If your house is in the market, no aspect of it helps it sell like a hotcake quite like its curb appeal. What you want is a house that shouts, “Buy me, I’m worth it!” from the get-go and is worth a lot of money. With the real estate industry in the upswing, now is really the time to get on it with the beautification and renovation project to make that house a real money maker.

Here are some quick tips:

1.Give it a good washing

Save on renovation by first washing the exteriors of the house. Sometimes, what looks like peeling color is simply just grime that has built up from years of neglect. According to, a thorough washing can really bring out the real look of the house pre-dirt days. That garage door can be scrubbed to show its true pearly white shade while the cobblestone walkway can do well without the moss that has grown. And don’t forget to wash the windows as well.

2.Give it a quick facelift

Thanks to paint, giving the house a quick facelift can give it a fresh new look. But don’t just focus on the walls; leave some for the doors and the windowsills.

Having a door that’s a shocking color of deep red or blue gives it the right kind of pop it needs to stand out versus all the other houses on the block. Giving a shade that’s really unique for the garage door and the mailbox gives buyers the idea that the house is modern and lively – even before they step inside for a look.

Aside from paint, hiring a landscape artist to improve the exteriors of the house helps a lot. Like people, the look of the house establishes the first impression, which counts a lot. A garden that’s well kept, no weeds at all, and is filled with the best kinds of plants and flowers creates a façade that’s beautiful and welcoming. Maintaining the swimming pool also increases the value of the house.

3.Do the repairs

Repairs are an essential part of renovation. A home in need of repairs significantly decreases the value of the home. Delaying those roof repairs? Time to work on it now as well as the other items on that list that you have been putting off to make the home more sellable at a price you’ll be very happy at.

4.Sell it 24/7 online

Who says the curb appeal can only work when you are in front of the house? Sell the property online with a simple website that packs a lot of punch. Providing 3D renderings of the whole house in a Facebook album works well in a video format. Think of doing a walkthrough in a digital and much more convenient way even when you sleep.

Leaving a number to call and an address to send an email to also improve the curb appeal of the home as it makes it easier to purchase!

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