Home Renovations for Better Ventilation and More Space

Making a home that’s more conducive to better living conditions is always a great decision. Air that’s flowing freely internally always gives the residents of the place more reasons to stay in it as it makes for a more relaxing place to just chill and be healthy in. Well-ventilated homes are great for hosting friends and family as well as investing in really good pieces of furniture and accents due to its structurally sound built, not to mention, high chances of being purchased due to its high value.

Ready to make your home a place where there is a steady stream of breeze coming in? Read up:

1.     Place the garden in

Most homes leave the amazingly landscaped gardens outside but smart homeowners know that the best way to maximize the benefits of a great garden is by placing it right inside the home. Having pocket gardens contribute to much less carbon dioxide in the home and replaces it immediately with fresh oxygen. Also, pocket gardens bring in another benefit – sunlight! It not only makes the place look more engaging and uplifting but more so, well-lit and energy efficient.

2.     Start breaking down walls

For those living in suburban areas, the lack of walls is not a security threat at all but a welcome feature to make the place much more ventilated. If surrounded especially with plants and trees, breaking down walls to make it open to the elements does the soul a lot of good. Having lesser walls also makes for a home that looks more spacious.

3.     Re-think the decors

Feeling cramped in your own house? Time to lessen the clutter! Continuing to suffer from a home that looks so stressful due to a lot of items around simply takes more space than necessary, making the place feel suffocating. Instead, streamline your ideas in terms of design and simplify. Choosing key items to make the home cozy is a better strategy than filling it up with unnecessary items. Sell those which the family does not need and move on to a home with more space.

4.     Air it out with paint

Another cramping suspect in the home is the paint color. It doesn’t take a scientist to know why museums or paint galleries for example utilize white paint over the others which instantly makes their areas feel more expansive.

Doing away from colors such as deep blues or blacks and opting for pastels instantly relaxes the eyes and lends more space to the room or house. Also, there is a new set of house paints that absorbs CO2 to make the air much more fresh and clean. Using this is like freeing one’s lungs in no time.


White makes any space appear bigger.

5.     Check the ceiling

If the house cannot be extended, then it’s time to think vertical than horizontal. Making the ceiling higher instantly makes the house look huger than it actually is without adding in square meters. The height provides space and expansiveness, making the house look more fabulous and a dream to work with design-wise.

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