Home Renovation 2015 Trends and Tips

Everyone wants to make his or her home trendy and fabulous for 2015. One of the best ways to do that is by hiring an interior designer to give the house a makeover.  A little renovation goes a long way in making the people living in the home very comfortable.  However, it is not only the physical structure of the house that could use a makeover but the interior colors as well.

Now that it’s 2015, what better way to symbolize a fresh start than brandishing the home with new colors and interior design.

2015 Home Renovation Trends

According to expert contractors, this year is all about big, big spaces.  Wider and more spacious living rooms, bathrooms, closets and pantries are going to be the trend throughout 2015. This trend is due to the recovering economy in many parts of the world. Many people have enough budgets to make their houses a little more comfortable.

Another prominent renovation trend based on their surveys is getting natural light inside the homes.  The reason for this trend is that more and more people are trying to save on energy either because of the rising price of electricity or because of their awareness about climate change. Sun roofs installations and making windows wider could be the trend in home remodeling this year.

2015 Color Trend

According to the design-consulting firm Pantone, this year’s trending colors are going to follow an ‘en plein air’ theme, which is inspired by nature and the outdoors.  Cool, soft and subtly warm colors will be fashionable this year.  Those who plan to make home renovations this year can choose among the different 2015 colors that Pantone offers on their website.

Homeowners who really want to stick to the trend this year could use Marsala as the dominant color inside their homes.  Pantone considers Marsala as the color of 2015, describing it as the color that enriches minds, bodies and souls. Since the home is a person’s refuge from the harsh outside world, such color that enriches the mind, body and soul would definitely be good for home interiors.

Those people who want to follow the predicted trends as guide for renovating their home will find the information in this article useful.  These trends did not originate from the minds of designers. These trends are just predictions based on surveys that are conducted by fashion companies to gauge what most people really like.

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