When it comes to renovations, nothing beats visual cues. And if ten years ago cutting magazines and placing the cut-outs on big corkboards are all the rage, today, going online is the way to go. With something as quick as a click, homeowners have access to thousands of design cues from wall paint to home accessories.

But with so many websites available, what’s a homeowner to do? Here are the top five websites worthy of a bookmark:

  1. Pinterest

    What started as a photo sharing site, Pinterest is now the go-to place for saving pictures that one finds on the web and shares it with ease. Most users prepare their boards, all organized under specific themes, to have the ultimate virtual corkboard that they can access each time.

    Today, Pinterest is very search friendly and can churn out results that are very specific. From color palettes to wall designs to finding the right bed, Pinterest has it all. Users can also download the mobile app for easy access on the go.

    Think of it as Google – but for pictures.

  2. Design Sponge

    This website is all about design in context. Every piece of furniture is presented in a story format instead of the usual gallery.

    It is perfect for homeowners who are more adventurous and loves a great story behind every piece that they place inside their homes. Aside from home design, they also have stories on travel and food, both of which are good starting points for anyone about to undertake the wonderful world of renovation.

    What makes it amazing is that it places pieces in action and provides a 360 degree view on different items such bath tubs and even unique chairs.

  3. Pentagram

    As one of the biggest names and companies in the world of corporate branding, this is a site that’s great for inspiring designers and homeowners with the power of great typography. Typography is also one of the biggest trends in home design as more people who are in love with the written word are incorporating their favorite quotes and phrases right on the walls.

    Pentagram also has designed numerous spaces for retail clients which can serve as guide to renovating. Big names such as COS, Marks and Spencer, Christian Louboutin, and The Harley-Davidson Museum are some of the few that have entrusted their very expensive retail spaces in the hands of Pentagram.

  4. Vogue

    What’s a discussion on design without the publishing purveyor, Vogue?

    Aside from fresh looks off the runway, Vogue also has an area in its equally loved website which features the latest in home design. Touching on topics such as banana leaf wallpaper and matching clothing with ceramics, it is best for homeowners with a more eclectic taste and total love for fashion being represented in their homes, not just their clothes.

  5. Apartment Therapy

    Up for renovation that’s a little more DIY? Apartment Therapy is the place to be. It not just have some cool designs, it also has a lot of tips for homeowners who literally wants to have their personal touch on their personal space.

    Other websites worth checking out are realestate.com.au, houzz.com, and countryliving.com.

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