The aesthetics of the East which focuses on Asia is getting prominence in the interior design industry due to its cleaner lines and more subdued pieces but deeper colors and context in terms of look and feel. It truly makes for a home that’s a joy to live in without necessary going full minimalist or spending to go maximalist—Asian-inspired homes are really about one thing: balance and harmony.

Want to explore having this kind of design sensibility right in your home? Here are some tips to help achieve it:

1.       Re-think space

While modern design dictates very sparse pieces of furniture, Asian-inspired homes enjoy the full breadth of different pieces. The difference is in how they employ space. The first thing to remember when wanting to achieve Asian is stop thinking of dividers and imagine a place where you can see all elements of your home wherever you stand.

Instead of immovable walls, think of dividers and low cabinets to separate the living room from the dining area, for example.

2.       Colors of nature

Asian inspired homes feel more cozy and more lived in whether it’s brand new or pre-loved due to the color scheme it follows. As says, this does not mean that white is your only bet in achieving a clean looking home. You can explore other colors, including something as severe as black, for as long as the other colors are more subdued such as creams, browns, and even blues. As the website advises, think of achieving an ambiance that is soothing to the eyes more than anything else. And don’t forget the undeniable Asian pop of color – whether in lucky red or glistening gold.

Asian Inspired Home

3.       Embrace different finishes and outdoor elements inside the house

When constructing, don’t just limit the wood to finishing. In fact, incorporate it in the overall look of the place. Other materials such as bamboo can serve as your backdrop for your foyer or your library. Love to relax? Take it a step further by having for example a reflexology path right in your garden or bedroom which is made of carefully chosen smooth pebbles and stones that help your pressure points as you walk on it.

For your walk in or kitchen, have tempered glass as material for your partitions instead of the usual door and concrete that lord over most homes.

Who says you can only use glass for windows? Asian homes employ different ways to cool down their homes and this may include having wood on stilts to bring in the air inside the home. For the kitchen or the guest room, have big ceramic pieces as pots for plants. Zen water fountains in the garden and placed in other places of the house brings in the relaxing sound of flowing water and makes the whole place even more relaxing and soothing.

In achieving an Asian-inspired home, stop the rules about the outdoors not being present right inside! Flow is everything and once it’s maintained, all the efforts will be more than worth it.

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