Making a home look like it was designed by a designer is always believed to cost a backbreaking fee to achieve. With home fixtures getting more expensive every day and interior design fees not necessarily getting cheaper, that great-looking home may be perceived as out of reach. But as most design TV shows illustrate, there are in fact many ways and steps to reach a pretty home without the hefty price tag.

Here are some ways to spruce up home interiors without breaking the bank:

  1. Don’t mistake design with organization.


    How many beautiful homes do you see that are full of clutter? Zero to none, for sure. Keeping the house organised is the first step to achieving a house that’s laudable. No matter the design, clutter takes away the energy from the home and covers up whatever design decisions were made in the first place. So before moving towards having areas gutted or thinking an area should be re-done, make sure it’s not just disorganised and dirty.


  2. Edit, edit, edit.


    A nice home is also sufficiently accented – no more, no less. There is such a thing as overdoing an area which leads to, you guessed it, making it look cluttered. Practice the art of curating items instead of dumping them. Seek balance in choosing items, no matter how ornate they are. Let big items speak for themselves. A great example is a big couch which can be balanced on two sides with consoles with a lighting fixture and nothing else. This practice prevents purchase of many items that end up making the space bad anyway.


    When purchasing, having a solid plan and a sample of the space to show furniture shops is better. Like grocery shopping, it helps keep to the budget and avoids expensive impulse buys. Taking stock of what the homeowner owns can also minimise expenses. Shopping in one’s own storage area and repurposing what you already own makes for a happier wallet.


  3. Create items for use.


    Another way to make the redecoration activity work harder for the homeowner is by having items done that are double purpose. Having shelving made for extra storage can also be artistically done with the help of unique paint colours and brushing techniques. As HGTV advises, having a headboard in the bedroom makes the bed pop and grounds the space further.


    Remaking doors or other parts of the house to create other items is smart as it does not require purchase of new raw materials, which usually makes the biggest dent to the budget.


  4. Lighting is everything.


    Investing in light fixtures is one of the best decisions a homeowner can make. In general, it’s not as price prohibitive and yet the effects are immediate and dramatic.


    5. Work with a student interior designer.

    An article on Freshome recommends hiring a student interior designer to help give your home a makeover while staying within your budget. Student designers don’t charge as much as experienced interior designers and they are always looking for opportunities to grow their portfolio and work experience.


    With these tips, making a beautiful home need not bankrupt the homeowner. Creating a home should be the joyful activity that it is and these make it all the more affordable. For your home renovation needs in Redlands and Southeast Brisbane, contact 4sk Constructions and Renovations.