Four Tips for Small Bedroom Renovations

Owning one’s house is such a big accomplishment, no matter the square meters it poses. One of the key areas of any home of course is the bedroom and usually, these are the ones who take the hit when it comes to space if the whole house is really not that big. However, having a small bedroom is not an excuse in not having one that’s a joy to live and sleep in every single day.

Small bedrooms are a joy to renovate as they do not require the usual effort and budget that most bedrooms require. Here are some tips to make that space look like a million bucks even though the floor space is not as impressive:

1.     Mind your sheets

Ever wondered why hotels are a big hit when it comes to the sleeping department? It’s not just because it’s maintained round the clock in terms of cleanliness and orderliness but also because of one key thing: white sheets on a great bed. In bedrooms, the focal point is of course where the magic happens and that is the bed. To instantly freshen up the look of a bedroom, make sure to invest in a good bed with a great elevation from the floor. Having a tufted headboard also provides a design element that makes the room look even more relaxing especially with the use of colors such as turquoise, mint green, and other pastel colors that are easy on the eyes.

Aside from that, make it an all-white affair in terms of the sheets to make it a bed you would actually want to sink into. If you want color so badly, make the throw pillows do the work with some color accents, otherwise, all-white is the way to go.

2.     Quit the small carpets

Instead of having a cut of carpet on the end of your bed, invest instead in a big one which encompasses your whole bed, your side tables, and your end couch by placing it by the wall. This makes the room seem bigger and more expansive than cutting the eye with the carpet right smack in the middle of the bed.

Also, choose carpets that are not too graphic and color coordinate it with either your wall or your floor.

3.     Darker floors win

If you are going to choose one major thing to spend on in the room, make it the floor. Darker wooden floors are more luxurious to see and make almost all other room elements work as it never clashes. Just make sure to care for it properly by avoiding colored floor cleaners. Opt for coconut oil instead for an antibacterial sheen.

4.     Paint it

Wallpapers can be used for rooms but only if you have the ability to maintain it or can invest in wallpapers that do not peel after a year or so especially if you live in a place that has the tendency to be too hot during summers. Instead, opt for high quality paint. You can easily change the look of the room without the hassle of removing heavy duty glue on a regular basis that will only destroy your walls.

Paint provides the leeway for color and design without the big commitment!

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