Four Tips for Renovating the Guest Room

For homeowners who are constantly hosting guests in their houses, the guest room is one of the most used areas and commands as much attention as any place in the home. However, renovating a guest room to make it warmer and perfect for guests, whether it’s family or friends, is easier said than done. For one, the guest room is one of the smallest rooms usually and is relegated to a stock room for days when there are no people using it. And when that happens, the task of maintaining the guest room gets even harder.

Here are some tips for making the guest room fit for royalty everyday: 

1. Opt for modular furniture

It’s true: nobody stays in another person’s house for years at a time (unless of course they start paying rent). So what do you do for the days when there are no guests using your guest room, right? Using modular furniture resolves this dilemma. It gives the homeowner the option to convert the room into something else for those days when guests are not in sight. Modular furniture is convenient and cheap instead of investing in expensive tufted beds and bulky tables. By simply moving things around, the place can become a game room or an office with ease.

2. Create another entrance.

Your guests are not prisoners. They also need to explore the city and meet friends and colleagues while visiting. To prevent an awkward staying-up-late-to-wait situation, convert the garage area to a separate room instead for guests. This way, they get to have their own entrance (read: their own key!) and you don’t have to begrudgingly wait for them to come home, no matter how much your pained smile tries to say otherwise.

Of course, only do so for guests that are trusted explicitly and you know will never lose the key or do anything that will endanger the whole house.

3. Provide a separate bath

If you are planning to re-do a guest room, providing them their own bath and toilet can be the best thing you can do. As mentioned, guests also have their own plans and itineraries, which may clash with the rest of the household when it comes to bathing hours. Also, it gives them the ultimate privacy and makes them feel more at ease as they are able to do their personal business at the privacy of their own room.

Speaking of separate amenities, providing a phone line in the room is also a sanity saver. This can help the guests make phone calls especially for those on location for business or professional reasons. If you can, giving the room its own Wi-Fi router is a big plus.

4. Choose a more classic palette

Instead of going wild with reds or oranges, choosing a calmer palette of eggshell whites, dove grays, and chocolate browns can help the guest relax after a long travel or in between errands. This will also help make the most of the room once they leave, making the guest room more double purpose and a great additional room for the household.

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