Four Budget-friendly Ways to Make a House Appear Larger

When it comes to creating a beautiful home, nothing beats the look of more space. No matter how expensive the accessories and the accents are, it will all still fail if the place looks cramped. But with cuts of homes getting smaller especially those found a few floors above ground, what’s a homeowner to do?

Before deciding to give up some precious garden and pool space, here are inexpensive ways to make that home looking huge:

  1. Use color to your advantageAccording to, the lighter the walls, the bigger it looks. With that in mind, opt for cool colors such as blue or mint green to create breathing room. Or better yet, opt for the space creating color of them all – white!

    Contrary to popular belief, white does not equate to boring. In fact, it gives more excuse to welcome more color into the room via accent pillows, vases, and carpets. For furniture, it is best to also stick to neutrals to create a vision of fluidity and cuts down on the busyness of the space.

  2. Let there be lightIf you are building the home or renovating it, maximize the opportunity to create a bigger space without necessarily adding more square meters by making much bigger windows. This allows for natural light to stream in and make the house look much more alive.

    If you can, forego walls altogether and choose sliding glass doors to have a better view of the outdoors from the inside.

  3. Choose smart furnitureThe number one rule in making a space look bigger is by decreasing clutter, but the number one problem of homes is storage. What’s the best solution? Smarter furniture pieces that serve as they should but with a twist – the ability to store items. Instead of just ottomans, they can be opened up to store past season home accents or books.

    You can also create items out of clutter by let’s say making a table stand out of old magazines. Simply place a glass over it and voila! A new center table is born. When it comes to electronics, exposed wires a big space grabber. Get organized by creating ways to cover them up through home pieces as well.

    But in the end, letting go of items is the best way to get rid of clutter. Organize a garage sale and make money out of it!

  4. Go biggerThe tendency for homes with small spaces is to choose those that are even smaller. But if there is one strategy that is the most counterintuitive, that’s probably it. Instead, go for Target’s Sabrina Soto’s advice: follow the cantaloupe rule.

    This design rule states that anything that’s smaller than a cantaloupe crowds a room as mentioned by Buzzfeed. Choosing little items does nothing for a space and in the end just clutters it even further. So your best bet is to pick statement pieces that’s great to see and really accentuates a space or a wall.

    Considering home extensions or looking to renovate your home to make it appear larger? Contact 4sk Renovations and Constructions in South East Brisbane or Redlands.