Five Signs Your Basement is Up For Renovation

The basement is one of the most ignored parts of a house’s interiors. Due to its place (read: not for guests) and use, basements are mostly left to rot by most homeowners. But in fact, having a great basement is a sign of a properly maintained home. As a stock room, it contains important files and furniture that can be used for later use.

But more than anything, the basement can give a lot of headaches if not properly maintained. Here are some reasons to do so and signs that a renovation should be scheduled very soon:

  1. The house is up for sale

Contrary to popular belief, the basement of a home can seriously increase its value in the market. Aside from having all parts of the house in good condition, the basement can be turned into another living area or a bedroom which most buyers appreciate.

Turning a basement into a playroom or study room can be a big boost to selling instantly to families or couples who are looking into having children in the long run. This is also a great advantage for those looking to buy places that can be rented out to other people for extra income.

  1. Bad smell

Wondering where that moldy smell is coming from? Start with the basement. With a lack of air circulation, basements can turn into a pit perfect for pests. Molds and mildew can build up especially if there is a presence of non-flowing water in the area.

First signs of water damage should not be ignored as it can cause serious sicknesses to the family members living in the house. Make sure that the source of the problem is resolved before doing any beautification work as it will simply be for naught as the water will always find its way inside the basement.

  1. Constant floods

If the basement is constantly flooded, it’s really time to make serious changes. Discuss with a contractor as to how to improve the overall sewerage system of the house to prevent water from seeping in during calamities.

Once the basement is dry and fixed, investing in re-painting is important to remove the odor as well as a thorough deep cleaning to remove any bacteria from the flood water. Having a well-lighted basement with proper ventilation can improve the condition in this area.

  1. Presence of cracks

The presence of cracks in a house is common, but more alarming once it happens in the basement. This can be a sign that the house is starting to crack from old age or heavy materials. Aside from fixing the cracks on the ceiling of a basement, have also a renovation contractor do a once over of the integrity of the whole house.

  1. Asbestos and lead paint

One thing that a contractor can say: the presence of asbestos. Once this is in fact confirmed, renovate the whole basement immediately. Especially for older houses, asbestos was the common material used for sealing areas. Also, the paint used may have lead and can really cause major health problems to the family.

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