As they always say these days, there’s an app for everything, home renovations included. Thanks to advances in technology and the accessibility of more mobile devices, more and more people are going online and discovering the many apps that make life much easier with just one swipe.

For those deep who are thinking of doing home renovation in South East Brisbane and Redland, here are our five apps that you can install to make renovation much more relaxing and less pain-inducing both to the mind, body, and wallet:

  1. Handyman Calculator

    Android, FREE

    When it comes to renovation, what you don’t know just won’t hurt you; it also will cost you tons of money buying unnecessary things or overspending on raw materials.

    The essence of Handyman Calculator is very easy and straightforward: to help the homeowner account for everything. It basically computes everything via its many converters and calculations. It boasts of items such as air conditioner calculator, asphalt volume calculator and just about anything you can think of.

    The app also has a Time Tracking Tool to help you ensure that your hired contractor and staff are on track with the project timelines.

  2. Branded Paint Matching Applications

    Instead of relying on books upon books of paint swatches and quick square paints on the walls, feel free to experiment with apps. Download branded ones by big paint companies such as Behr’s ColorSmart. They provide several shades on the go and all you have to do is to place that phone on the wall. Easy, no mess, no commitments!

  3. Kitchens and Bathrooms Quarterly

    Sometimes, renovations are area-specific and this app fits the need for kitchen and bathroom needs only. These are taken from the magazine itself and homeowners assured of lay-outs that are realistic and tested on actual spaces, using accessories and accents for actual people who will live in the house.

  4. Houzz

    Houzz is a popular ideabook for designers and homeowners alike. What’s great about this app is it will also allow you to share images that you like with your friends or contractor. You can also get advice from the community of professionals and homeowners about your design problems.

  5. DIY Renovation Advice

    This easy-to-navigate app is made by certified renovation experts for the consummate homemaker. Its tips are applicable to any kid of renovation work and it provides a glossary of terms to help homemakers as they discuss what they need with contractors. Every advice is created by renovation experts to virtually create the path to an easy and fuss-free renovation process.

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