Many people decide to renovate their homes in order to increase the value and make them last for many more years. They treat their homes as treasures that they can pass on to their kids. When you renovate your home to be environment-friendly, you are also leaving behind something more important to your descendants—a livable planet.

Ninety eight percent of scientists agree that climate change and global warming are the greatest threats humanity will ever face. According to scientists, human beings have put too much carbon dioxide that traps heat in the atmosphere, slowly turning our green planet into an oven.

How will renovating your house help?

  1. Energy conservation

Creating electricity is one of the big source of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, especially power plants that use coal as a fuel.  Every time you use electricity, you increase the demand for more production, which means more coals will be burned, releasing carbon dioxide. That is why reducing energy usage will help the environment.

Because climate change was not an urgent problem many years ago, many homes were made without consideration to the environment, many old appliances use electricity voraciously. There are many ways to make your home energy efficient:

  • Change to LED lighting because LED lights use much less electricity than a fluorescent bulb and is brighter too. It also costs less.
  • When buying new appliances, you should choose those with the highest Energy Star rating. This rating indicates how efficient an appliance uses energy.
  • Consider installing solar panels on your home. Solar energy is the cheapest energy source available to you and it does not emit carbon dioxide.
  • Make your windows bigger so that during summer months, you can let fresh air inside the house reducing the need to turn on the AC. Bigger windows also let natural light come into your home so that you don’t have to turn your lights on during the day.
  1. Water conservation

Water conservation helps the environment. There are many ways you can renovate you home to conserve water:

  •  Modernizing your toilet and shower and switching to more water-efficient systems will help lessen usage.
  • When you buy a washing machine, choose a front load one because it uses half the water that top load washing machine uses.
  • Use a grey water system for your toilet. Grey water is water that you have used in your home. Usually this water goes directly to the sewage while your toilet bowl uses fresh water. However, with grey water system, the used water from your home gets one more work before going to the sewage. It is used to flush waste.
  1. The butterfly effect.

The butterfly effect indicates that one little action could potentially trigger another action that triggers a big effect. A friend may visit you and see your reduced electric bill and decide to renovate her house too or improve her energy efficiency.  Then your friend’s neighbor also sees her reduced bill and decides to make an environment-friendly renovation. A chain reaction that starts from you may have a big impact on the environment.

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