People sometimes want to invite friends over to their homes for parties. If they have a big space at home, this would not be a problem. But if their house is small, it may not be able to accommodate more than 20 people. The solution is holding the party in their yard. The only problem is that yard parties sometimes don’t end up too well. If the backyard for example has a well maintained grass, having a party might damage the lawn. It may also not be an option if it rains or if it’s too hot outside. To solve this problem, people turn to renovation. They either look for ways to increase the space in their house or improve their yard. If they choose the second option, they would most probably have to decide whether to add a deck or a patio.

Should you build a deck or a patio? Read the advantages and disadvantages of having a deck or a patio:

Deck or Patio?

A deck is considered an extension of your house. Often used as an exterior living room, the deck is a good place to relax and enjoy the scenery in your neighborhood. Wood is the most common material used in building decks, but some synthetic materials which are made to look like wood are also used. Decks add beauty to your house structure and are really noticeable since it is elevated and it looks classy. A deck is a part of the house.

A patio on the other hand is planted on the ground. Usually, the material used are pavers or bricks, but concrete is used as well. A patio is considered a part of the yard unlike a deck, which is considered a part of the house. Patios are perfect for barbeque parties and these also work as an accent to gardens.

1. Cost of construction
Decks use wood as the primary material and are easy to construct, especially if it is elevated. While some wood materials are expensive, there are many affordable alternatives that are also durable. The construction time of decks is usually shorter than that of a patio. On the other hand, patio uses bricks or concrete, which are more expensive. Patios also take time to construct since renovation companies have to dig up parts of the lawn where the pavers are going to be installed. This makes patios more expensive to construct than decks.

2. Maintenance
A deck needs maintenance because it has structures below it, which could become problematic after several years. Wood can also easily fall victim to the elements like rain, sunlight and snow, which means some of the wood may have to be replaced sometime. Patio on the other hand does not need a lot of maintenance because it is made with more durable materials and has no hidden structure. All that a patio needs is some sweeping and hosing to remove the soil that accumulates on it. A patio is generally easier to maintain.

3. Curb appeal
Some people build decks for the sole purpose of increasing their home’s curb appeal. Decks are easily seen and often add class to a home while patios are often ignored.

4. Usefulness
While decks are useful as an area to relax, patios can be used for different parties, gatherings, celebrations, games and many more.

5. Home value
Both patios and decks add a lot of value to a home. They are great additions that many home buyers look for, especially if they want to host parties regularly.

Choosing between a deck and a patio is not difficult. Just understand how much you are willing to spend for the construction, how much you want to spend for the maintenance, and most importantly, what you want to use it for.

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