For many people, their bedroom is the place of solace and comfort, a venue where they can recharge and forget about daily stressors. It is where they can jump around in joy when they are happy or cry when they are sad. Think about it, the bedroom is the most personal place you can go to—a sanctum from the rest of society. That is why many people want their rooms to be comfortable and cozy.

Here are ways to make the bedroom more relaxing:

Good lighting

Studies show that lighting can actually affect mood. It can make you feel relaxed or agitated. While most people are used to having one or two overhead white light, that may not be the best lighting for a room. This makes the room too bright. If you choose more subtle lighting placed on each corner of the room, it will create a relaxing ambience that is perfect for mind relaxation and rest. And this won’t hurt your eyes.


Pillows and more pillows! What better way to relax than by being surrounded by soft things. Pillows can help you sleep better.  Choose cotton sheets and pillows that are soft.  Cotton dissipates heat better, so it won’t make you feel hot when you sleep.  Invest in ergonomic pillows and mattress to support your neck and back.

Bring nature in

A few greenery inside your room not only helps clean the air, it also helps make the room cooler. Aside from these, plants give off an ambience of nature, which naturally relieves stress.  Of course you don’t have to fill your room with plants, just place a few in different spots or corners and you are good to go.

Neutral colors

The color of your room also does its part in making you feel comfortable. Neutral or earthy colors are warm and comforting. Sky blue walls and white ceiling are a good combination, too. Stay away from heavy colors like red and use yellow and orange sparingly as these colors can be overwhelming for your eyes.

Decorate with antiques

The earthy color of antiques gives your room a relaxing, cozy feel. Antiques also give up a rustic aura that reminds you of nature. While some antiques are expensive, there are also some that you can get at affordable prices and they would add wonders to your room.

Personalize your bedroom

Nothing is more relaxing than a bedroom that makes you feel truly at home. Personalize your bedroom with items that you love. For example, if you love reading, have a reading nook and a shelf filled with your favorite reads.

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