Renovating the home is one of the most fulfilling and most stress-inducing activities a homeowner can do. It brings out the Kraken in the most well-meaning of people not just because of the details but of course, the great money that is involved in accomplishing it. But no matter what, there is no greater joy for the homeowner than going home to a place that they don’t just call their home, but also one that represents their passion and personality.

Renovation may not be for the faint of heart but there are ways with which homeowners sabotage their own success when it comes to their projects. Here are the common mistakes to avoid when renovating your home:

Everything starts with the plan and a renovation without a set plan is doomed from the very beginning. The project is opened up to whims and changing and differing opinions. Also, not having a plan also means not having a working timeline. When accomplishments are not tracked, the first to bloat is the budget as more are re-done and the payments for staff members are blown out of proportion. In renovation, there is no such thing as spontaneity. Everything should be on paper.
Contractors are more than just miracle workers or slave drivers. They actually provide the working guide for the owners so that all will happen as planned. They source the best in raw materials and know the right people to tap and hire to make sure that everything is done right and on budget. Their expertise is exactly what homeowners need. Furthermore, all details must be placed in a binding contract for the protection of all parties. Insurance must also be in the equation for further assurance of a successful renovation.
For older homes, it is important for a thorough inspection before proceeding to renovation. Adding several floors on the existing structure is not simple and may render the whole house useless if not done right. Checking of the plumbing and wiring and having professionals sign off the house is one of the keys to a stress-free renovation. Sometimes, the idea is great but the house cannot take the weight and this should be reconciled with the preferred design of the owners. Pest control is also integral to the process as there may be pest nests already in the house that may be a dangerous situation for the workers.
Renovation should be a way to improve the living situation of the family, not a way for them to sign off their lives for good with every cost that comes with the construction. Exploring affordable ways such as using vintage fixtures and second hand furniture can help in creating a beautiful house. A home should be comfortable for all its inhabitants but it does not have to be beyond the financial capability of the homeowners. With imagination and an open mind, the renovation just might be the most fun and most creative activity that they can undergo.


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