Colours play an important role in our lives and studies have shown that colours can also have an influence on our moods and behaviour. Every colour has a distinctive effect on every individual’s feelings and emotions. Colours can help you bring out your personality.

When it comes to painting your room, it is important to choose your colours wisely. The colours you pick may affect you every day of your life. You can choose to blend different colours into beautiful combinations.  You can play with different colours to even make a small space seem larger than it is. You can use colours to express your sense of style and personality. The more you know about colours and their effects, the better.

Setting up the Mood

To help you decide on the right colour for a particular area of your house, you must first determine what kind of mood you want the room to have. Focus on the intended use of the room. One example is for the bedroom. A bedroom is a place where you want to feel relaxed and calm. One way to achieve that mood is by painting the bedroom with calm and soothing colours.

Choosing the Right Colour

Studies have shown that every color has its own psychological value. Colours can influence your feelings from happiness to anger. The trick is to know every detail about a particular colour and its effect on human behaviour.

To help you in choosing the right colours for your bedroom, here are the top three colours for bedrooms and their possible effects on human mood and behavior.


Blue is a calming and relaxing colour. Research shows that the colour blue can help bring down blood pressure and heart rate. And as a result, blue is the most recommended shade for painting bedrooms and bathrooms. To promote relaxation and calmness in a room, opt for lighter shades of blue such as cerulean or turquoise. Although blue is considered a calming colour, darker shades of blue can have opposite effect, bringing feelings of gloominess and depression. With the colour blue, lighter is always better.


According to sleep experts,  yellow is the second best colour, next to blue, for a bedroom. People can get a good night’s sleep in a yellow-painted room. The colour yellow is associated with the feelings of joy and happiness. It is believed that when a person is surrounded by the colour yellow the brain releases more serotonin, a chemical in the brain responsible for mood and sleep functions. Soft pale shades of yellow are great options for bedroom paint. However, this colour is not the best choice in nursery rooms because studies have shown that babies tend to cry more in a yellow room.


The colour green is another calming color that promotes freshness, warmth and comfort. Being the colour of nature it is considered as the most soothing color for the eyes. Choosing the colour green can make you feel closer to nature and it can give you the feeling of safety and security. And as a symbol of fertility, green is a great colour for the bedroom.