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5 Ways to Transform Your Flat Rooftop Into a Useful Space

By |November 29th, 2018|

Flat roofing is a popular home design style  in cities and even in rural areas.  Flat roofs offers a lot of advantages over the pitched roof design. One such advantage is the fact that it costs less to construct, needs less maintenance, it’s easier to clean and most importantly, it has a good amount of […]

8 Tips to Keep Your House Cool Without Air Conditioning

By |November 22nd, 2018|

Summer is here, which means it is time for the beach, the pool and other places where you can keep cool. However, the place where you most probably spend most of your summer days is your house, which means your AC will be on day and night just to keep the indoor temperature comfortable.

The air […]

5 Ways to Add Country Elements in Your City House

By |November 15th, 2018|

A country home has a distinct irresistible charm. Something about country home emanates warmth and joy. Maybe it’s the wooden touches or the  down-to earth design that exemplifies simplicity.  People suffering from stress because of the daily grind of the city life can benefit by adding a piece of country in their city homes.

So how do you […]

5 Renovation Needs of an Off Grid Home

By |June 28th, 2018|

Living off grid is by no means all fun and games. But nothing could make off grid living  problematic than a problematic house.  Living  in a forest,  for example, makes your log cabin vulnerable to termites, rats, and other animals.  Often, you can simply repair damages yourself, but there are times when you need  professional help.  But that’s not all, if you […]

How to Power Your Home With Renewable Energy Resources

By |June 28th, 2018|

Many people in the world complain about the rising costs of electricity. Electricity bill can eat a chunk out of your monthly paycheck.  No matter how much electric companies jack up the price of electricity, we accept it as part of how the world works. After all, there are no other ways to get electricity, right?

Wrong!  The […]

6 Kitchen Countertop Materials to Know Before You Renovate Your Kitchen

By |June 3rd, 2018|

Most modern kitchens nowadays have countertops. This feature makes working in the kitchen easier.  The countertop is where people prepare the ingredients for the food they will cook, use it as a dinner table, even use it as a work area. There are many materials used for countertops.  Today we will check them out and […]

5 Questions to Ask Before Renovating Your Kitchen

By |June 3rd, 2018|

At first glance, renovating a kitchen may seem difficult. There are so many things to consider—the budget, the materials, the renovation company to choose and of course  the conflicting results you want to see. If you are having a hard time planning  your kitchen renovation, these questions will help make your kitchen renovation planning easier:


8 Hidden Hazards in Your Home That May Be Harming Your Family

By |May 8th, 2018|

Everyone would like to think of their home as a safe place, a space where they can feel relaxed and protected. Unfortunately, that may not always be the case. There might be dangers in your house that may put you or your family in a bad situation.  The good news is that there are ways to […]

4 Interesting Home Innovations from Japan

By |April 14th, 2018|

Japanese people are not ones to shy away from fun, effective solutions to common day problems. Nothing is too silly as long as it works. Worried about  wasting water? Why not make an upside down umbrella to catch rain water? If you find yourself sleeping while riding the train, they have a helmet that you  wear and […]

Minimalist vs. Scandinavian Design: Which is Better?

By |March 13th, 2018|

If you are an interior designer, you might have had some of your clients show you a page from Ikea catalogue and ask you what style is often featured in the photos. You know that Ikea usually features either a minimalist or  Scandinavian interior design, but how do you know which is which?


One of the […]