The children’s room is probably going to be the most renovated area in any house because your children’s needs continue to change as they grow and mature. It is a good thing to choose the right layout, theme, and materials that are easy to upgrade or remodel as your children grows.

Design and Layout

This is the important part of the renovation process where you can incorporate your child’s interests and ideas on how he imagines the look of his new room. For a bedroom renovation, a kid’s favorite hobbies or activities could be a good place to start for planning the theme of his new bedroom. Let your child share his thoughts and design ideas about the colors and other decorations that will create the ideal thematic design for the bedroom renovation. In the end, it is essential that the design and layout of the bedroom reflects your child’s personality and passions.

Wall Design of  a Child's Bedroom

Wall Design of a Child’s Bedroom


In determining the functions of the room, it is essential to consider the available floor space and the child’s age as well. The most important function of any bedroom is to provide a good night’s sleep and choosing a comfortable bed to accommodate your child is significant. If the bedroom is going to be shared by younger kids, twin size beds can be a great option. For older children, you can opt for a queen size bed or a bunk bed.

Another important function of a kid’s bedroom is to provide a nice and quiet area for studying. You may want to consider designating a cozy spot in the room for a student desk with a chair to provide a comfortable reading and studying space for your child.


Providing adequate storage space in your child’s bedroom is one of the most challenging things that you need to overcome during renovation. As your child grows, he will collect a lot of personal stuff including clothes, shoes, school items, toys, and other personal items. It is a challenge to provide an optimum closet area especially in a limited available space. To maximize the available space without consuming a lot of floor area, you can install open shelves on the walls. Open shelves could be a nice area for storing toys and books or for displaying collectibles and photographs.

Using double purpose furniture is also a fun way to provide additional storage space. An example of such furniture is a storage bench/stool. The storage bench/stool can be a convenient way to store toys and other items while providing a cozy spot to sit and relax. Creative storage solutions and an excellent closet organization can help keep your kid’s bedroom neat and clutter-free.

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