Summer is here, which means it is time for the beach, the pool and other places where you can keep cool. However, the place where you most probably spend most of your summer days is your house, which means your AC will be on day and night just to keep the indoor temperature comfortable.

The air conditioning system is  often the biggest consumer of electricity among all household items. Summer therefore, aside from the heat it brings also makes you sweat once you receive your electric bill. But are there other ways to reduce AC usage during summer? Yes, there are!

  1. Have plants inside your house.

Plants improve air quality and help cool down your home. Some of the best indoor plants for your home are aloe plants, spider plants, rubber plant, and Boston fern. Here are some more indoor plant suggestions from Good Housekeeping.

  1. Use curtains or blinds.

Most of the heat coming into your home from the outside is through the windows where the heat-bearing sunlight comes through.  Therefore, it makes sense  to use curtains or blinds to prevent the sun’s heat to come further inside the house.  Furthermore, curtains and blinds also absorb the heat of the sun, reducing temperature by up to 20 percent.

If regular curtains are not sufficient to cool your home, then blackout curtains should do the trick. According to consumer reports, neutral-colored blackout  curtains that come with  white plastic backingscan reduce heat up to 33 percent.

  1. Let the natural air in at night.

If you live in an area where there isn’t too much noise and a safe neighborhood, then opening your room window at night will help you feel cooler without using an AC. However, in bad neighborhoods, this is not a good idea.

  1. Use electric fans.

Electric fans use less electricity than air conditioners and also effective in reducing heat inside your house.  If you really want it cold inside the house, you can put ice in a bucket and place it in front of the fan for a more energy efficient AC  effect.

  1. Cook outside.

Cooking inside the house will naturally increase your indoor temperature.  So take out the grill and have some barbeque.  Besides, what better season for barbecue and kebabs than the summer? So take out that grill and start lighting up some charcoals for roast beef.

  1. Close doors of unused rooms.

If you have several empty rooms, make sure their doors are shut tight. You don’t want cool air to enter these areas since that will take cool air away from spaces where you actually stay.

  1. Change your sheets with cotton fabrics.

The good thing about cotton fabrics is that they do not retain heat and stay cool longer. Other fabrics may be good on cold winter months, but summer is all about cotton.

  1. Enjoy the summer with activities.

While summer activities may not cool your home, you will enjoy it so much that you forget about the heat. Why not go swimming in a pool or visit a water park, or take your kids to a beach vacation?  Sometimes, our natural reaction to summer heat is to try to keep ourselves cool. But the better reaction is enjoying the heat while it lasts.

Summer does not have to be a choice between sweating because of the high temperature and sweating because of the high bills caused by overuse of air conditioning. There are ways to reduce AC usage while staying comfortable. All you need is to do is follow the tips above.

Renovating to Cool Down Your Home

Thinking of renovating your home? One way to make it cooler is to consider open floor plans. That means your dining area, kitchen, and living room can all be in one space. This will make your home look less cramped and air will flow much more freely. You can also consider installing materials or extending your roof’s overhang to prevent sunglight from directly hitting your home.

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