The bathroom is the place where many people start and end their day. They take a bath before going to work and then they shower when they come home. In the bathroom, you can languish on the relaxing  and energy–giving coldness of water. But bathrooms are not made equal.

Some bathrooms are big and comfortable while others are so small that they can feel uncomfortably cramped or constricted if the space isn’t designed or maximised properly. If you want to make your small bathroom look and feel bigger, here are ways to do it:

  1. Add windows.

If you can’t extend your bathroom, extend your view instead. Think about it, the necessary items in a bathroom do not need a big space—shower, toilet, sink and bathtub. But since humans have a love for wide spaces, big bathrooms became the symbol for comfort. Windows can trick your mind to think your bathroom is bigger because the outside will seem to be a part of the room.  Apart from making your bathroom seem bigger, windows also provide natural light.

  1. Install big mirrors

Like windows, mirrors also make a small bathroom look bigger by reflecting what is in front of it. This tricks the mind into thinking your bathroom is twice the size .  The mirror does not have to be expensive, choose what you can afford.


  1. Choose your lighting

Light also plays a part on whether a room will look bigger or smaller.  While bright white light gives your eyes an impression of space, darker lights make the room shrink. Not only would you want a bright light, you would also want to spread them around to lessen the shadows items cast when they are on. Shadows make the room look small.

  1. Remove redundant and useless items

Do you need more than one trash bin in the bathroom? How about 3 cabinets and a big sink?  Sometimes we place much useless and redundant items in the bathroom that makes it crowded.  Take a second look at your bathroom and decide which items you can remove and then get them out of the bathroom.

  1. Use a glass panel

Using glass to separate different sections of the bathroom will give the impression of space, since your eyes can see through them. It also helps distribute light to all the areas of the bathroom and lessen the number of shadows. This will make your bathroom look not only classy, but also spacious.

  1. An all-white bathroom.

White is a classic colour that can make any part of your home, including your bathroom, appear bigger than it really is.

As you can see, you don’t need to spend so much to make your bathroom look more spacious and comfortable. It is all about tricking the eyes. However, if the reason you want a bigger bathroom is because your family is growing, then you need to consider renovating your bathroom or adding another bathroom to your home. Consult builders at 4sk Constructions and Renovations for bathroom renovation in Brisbane East, Capalaba, and Redlands City.