Who doesn’t miss the beach–the sun, the sound of the waves and the breeze making the palm trees sway and sing.  The beach is a place where nature pours out all its power of soul healing. When people feel sad, they go to the beach and feel better. When life turns boring, a day at the beach is all you need to re-energize.  Sadly, most people can’t spend all their time at the beach, unless if they live in a beach house. But if you already have a house far from the beach, you can still get the beach feeling through simple redecoration or through a renovation. Here are some tips to give your home a beach vibe:

  1. Add some plants.

What plants do you often see at the beach? Yes, there are ferns, palm trees and orchids. Planting these plants around your home will give you that tropical feel all year round. You don’t even need the real plants if you think they are too high maintenance. Get some realistic plastic palm trees and put them on your lawn and in your home and in your porch.

While plastic plants are okay, real plants offer more benefits for you and your family than fake ones.  First, palm trees help clean the air and cool your place. Ferns are also good air purifier and real orchids are just gorgeous.

  1. White is best for the beach feel.

White is the color that gives the best summer and beach feel. Paint your home white and replace the curtain with white too. Just add some other summer colors in the living room in the form of couch pillows. Blue, yellow and orange are the best accent colors.  Shell decorations, on the table and on the shelf also give you that sense of the sea and provide some contrast against the white interior. Also, don’t forget flowers on the table and the shelf.

  1. Can’t get enough of sunlight.

The beach is a place where the sun shines unhindered by tall buildings.  If you want to get that beach feeling inside your home, let the sun in! Small windows won’t do, so ask a renovation company to make them bigger.

  1. Hammocks

Hammocks are the only cool way to sleep in a beach. A beach without a hammock is like a bedroom without a bed.  Adding a hammock on several areas around and within the house will make you feel like you are on a sunny beach. Put one under a big tree and you just gave yourself a nice place to rest and a perfect place for a selfie.

  1. Good porch and some breezy furniture

If you don’t have a porch, have one added to your house. If you have a porch, remove all the clutter and place some wicker chair or furniture set and throw in some blue, orange or yellow pillows and you just gave yourself a beach cottage feel.

  1. A swimming pool

So far, you have given your house the beach ambience, which is nice. But if your love of the beach is because you love swimming, then adding a pool would be perfect.  A swimming pool is a multi-use addition to the home. It keeps you cool during hot summer months, makes your kids happy and a perfect place to get some exercise. Health experts say swimming is one of the best exercises there is.

Bonus: A good speaker and beach sounds

Now you have a house that makes you feel like you live in a beach, but then again there is something missing: beach sounds. You can download beach or sea sounds from the Internet and play it on your surround speaker. You can also download apps such as relaxing melodies that have sound effects such as waves, seagulls and sea breeze.

Do you want a house that makes you feel like you are on a beach? Ask your Brisbane East home renovation experts how you can make your house feel like a beach house.