Everyone knows that having good grades in school is important if they want to go to a good high school or a good college.  There are many reasons why kids don’t get good grades and one of the most common reasons is bad study habits. The usual place for studying is their room, but their room may have a lot of distractions so they can’t concentrate—there’s TV, console games,  internet and smart phones that may hinder their concentration. The best solution is to designate a room specifically for studying. A study room.

A study room would help students focus on their home works, but only if it is specifically designed to be distraction-free. Here are some ways you can renovate a room to use as a study room.

  1. Sound proof

The best study rooms are impervious to the noises outside. Soundproofing a room is not very expensive but it will have many benefits—children can study their lessons even if the tv is blaring in the living room. Noises from the outside like cars and trains are minimized therefore allowing your child to absorb knowledge without being distracted.

  1. Good music

This is optional because it would depend on the psychology of your child. Some children study better with soothing music that they like while others prefer total silence. Putting a good speaker inside the room is a good idea, but you should be the one controlling what music to play.

Playing music in a room however can be stressful of the room does not have good acoustics—the way sound is bounced around by the walls of the room. By adding rugs and curtains, you can reduce echoes and reverbs and will make music mentally stimulating instead of annoying.

  1. Tables and chairs

Make sure the tables used in the study room are at the right height and size. Too high and your child may not be able to read his books or his notes. Too low and they may experience neck fatigue for stooping low for a long time.

Chairs also need to be comfortable because an uncomfortable seat will distract anyone studying. Swiveling chairs like those you find in offices are perfect as study chairs because it allows your children to adjust the height of the seat and they can swivel around if they need to get something instead of having to stand up.

  1. Bookshelves

Clutter is a big hindrance to concentration, so it is important to have a shelf where your child can place his books instead of just placing them on the table. You can ask a renovation company to install on your study room.

  1. Toilet

Sometimes while studying, children would need to take a bathroom break. It would be a big hassle for them to go out of the study room and make their way to the common bathroom. That is why it is a good idea to install a bathroom inside the study room.

  1. Adequate lighting

Lighting should be bright enough to read comfortably but not so bright that it hurts the eye. Invest in good study lamps and install a good lighting fixture that will make the room relaxing. Avoid overhead lights because they cause stress to the eyes. Choose to disperse the light sources instead.

Investing in a study room is investing for your children’s future. What’s great about it is the study room can double as your home library or office. Renovating in Brisbane East, Capalaba or Redland City? Contact us.