Most modern kitchens nowadays have countertops. This feature makes working in the kitchen easier.  The countertop is where people prepare the ingredients for the food they will cook, use it as a dinner table, even use it as a work area. There are many materials used for countertops.  Today we will check them out and see the advantages of each of them.

  1. Granite

Granite is one of the most popular countertop materials available. Not only does it hold up to heat, it also looks great and classy. It comes in almost 3000 colors, so you have the freedom to choose which color best fits your kitchen theme.

Another good news about granite countertops is that  the more houses use granite for their countertops, the cheaper it becomes.

  1. Engineered stone

If none of the almost-3000 colors of granite satisfies you, then you can use engineered stone instead, since it has a wider variety of colors and designs.  This beautiful countertop material is 93 percent quartz particle which gives it a scratch free, non-porous surface. It is also resistant to acid and stain hence less maintenance is needed.  Unfortunately, this material is expensive,  but with less maintenance needs, its worth every penny.

  1. Solid surface

This popular countertop material is so popular all over the world for its flexibility and durability. Made from acrylic, epoxy or polyester resins and pigments. As the name suggests, it is a solid, one piece countertop that’s non-porous, resistant to stains and low maintenance. If scratches appear,  it can easily be sanded away.  It is also very easy to install.   The downside is that it is vulnerable to intense heat, so  hot pans right off the  stove should not be placed on it.

  1. Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles have been a favorite among many home designers as a cheap alternative to granite or marble countertops. It is very inexpensive, can handle hot pans and very easy to clean. There are literally hundreds of designs  and textures to choose from with a wide price range.  The only problem is that  ceramic tiles can chip or crack so easily and  the grout lines can be stained or dirty, which means constant cleaning is necessary.  Nevertheless, if you need an affordable but nice looking countertop, ceramic tiles are a good choice.

  1. Wood or butcher block

This list would not be complete with one of the oldest and most reliable materials for countertops—the good old wood. Wood as a material has been around for a long time and never gets old.  Today,  many people still want wood countertops. Wooden countertops provide warmth  and a rustic, country feel in the kitchen.  Wooden countertops are easy to clean, smooth and if needed, re-sanded to make it look new again. The only enemy of wooden countertop is moisture, but that could easily be remedied by laminating a clear plastic on it.

  1. Marble counter top

It is beautiful, but it is very expensive. Marble countertops have been the favorites of the rich and famous. If you have the money, you cannot go wrong with marble. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also resilient against heat.  However, it has some disadvantages: It stains  and scratches easily and needs to be sealed It also needs periodic resealing to maintain its looks.

These are some of the most popular countertops you can choose from for kitchen designs.  There are other options like soapstone counters, concrete counters and stainless steel counters, but the above are the most common choices among many home owners. If you are planning to a kitchen renovation in Brisbane East, Capalaba or Redlands City, contact 4sk Constructions and Renovations.