Flat roofing is a popular home design style  in cities and even in rural areas.  Flat roofs offers a lot of advantages over the pitched roof design. One such advantage is the fact that it costs less to construct, needs less maintenance, it’s easier to clean and most importantly, it has a good amount of space. Yes space, that thing people always want to have more in their houses.  Flat roofs, unlike pitched roof, can be designed and used as a living space or a recreational space for your family to enjoy.

Here are some good uses for your roof space:

  1. Rooftop garden

Flat rooftop is a perfect place to start a flower or a vegetable garden—dogs and other animals can’t  destroy your plants.  It is easy to access,  it gets a lot of sunlight and rain and most importantly, it’s attractive, too.

  1. Bedroom

Do you need an extra room for a visitor? How about building an awesome bedroom on top of your roof? Not only will you be utilizing an otherwise wasted space, you also make room in your house for a visiting friend of a new family member.

  1. Hangout area

Need a place to hang out with friends to drink beer or sip some tea?  Add a nice beach canopy or umbrella canopy and some tables and chair on your flat roof. You’ll have a nice hangout area for barbecue or small parties. You can also bring some beach chairs up there for a soothing sun bath.

  1. Air BnB room

If you need some extra money, you can have a room constructed on your rooftop, fill it up with a cozy bed and some amenities,  register it on AirBnB and you can profit from it. You would need to consult an architect to check what materials your flat roof can actually support.

  1. Meditation space

Sometimes you feel your stress levels is up the roof and you need a place to relax and be yourself.  Well, then why not use your roof?  As stated above, you can add some beach canopy up there,  a chair  and a sound system to play relaxing music and you have your own meditation space.   If you turned your rooftop into a garden, then much better because plants can make you feel more relaxed.

If you have a flat rooftop, don’t let that space go to waste. Use it either for your own personal use or for business purposes.  In a world where space is getting scarce and expensive, your flat roof is a treasure that you can and should utilize.

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