For many people, home maintenance, mortgage and property taxes cost a lot of money. Would it not be a dream if somehow your house can pay for its own maintenance, taxes and mortgage? Well there is a way. If you invest for a small renovation, you can use your house to start your own business.  You can easily get your investment back and make enough money not only to pay for maintenance and mortgage but also for your daily needs. Here are some ideas.

1. Storage

Is your garage too big and the number of car you own is just one? Then maybe you can use the extra space to make money.  You may have to add some lockers  and put a division between the storage area and your actual garage.

If you don’t have a huge garage, and you have a huge basement, then you can convert your basement to an storage area, too. A little cleaning may be in order though and some lockers of course, but all the effort and and the investment will be worth it.

People are always looking for places to store items that they are not using now, but they can’t find the heart to throw away. There are many storage facilities in cities which have all the security locks and cameras, but your storage area has you to guard it.

2. Bread and breakfast

If you live in a place frequented by tourists, you are one lucky homeowner. There will always be tourists looking for a place to sleep at night after sight-seeing and shopping for souvenirs and you can provide them with a bed for the night and a breakfast in the morning.  If you have big empty rooms in your house then you can put a division in the center of the rooms and make two bedrooms. Then you can start accepting lodgers. There is even an phone app that can help you find customers like Airbnb.

3. Lodging

If you are not confident with your breakfast cooking, you can just rent your rooms to lodgers and not offer breakfast. Some customers may stay for a week or more, which means you get a constant flow of income.  Just make sure that all the house amenities such as bathrooms and toilets are renovated for the comfort of your customers.

4. Eatery

If you have a big lawn,  and you have a barbeque grill, you can actually make money off it too by serving people with your special barbeque and grill.

5. Summer pool

It is nice to have a swimming pool in your house, but it is better if you can make money off it.  Just ask a renovation company to install an outdoor shower and then you can let neighborhood children swim in the pool for a fee.

Renovating your home to use it for business is not a lost investment. You will pay off the money you spend and start making money for yourself. To renovate in Brisbane East, Capalaba, or Redland City, contact 4sk Constructions and Renovations.