A country home has a distinct irresistible charm. Something about country home emanates warmth and joy. Maybe it’s the wooden touches or the  down-to earth design that exemplifies simplicity.  People suffering from stress because of the daily grind of the city life can benefit by adding a piece of country in their city homes.

So how do you give your city home the country feel? Here are some tips:

  1. Add some texture.

One thing you would notice in country homes is that abundance of textures. From  the  walls to decorations to furniture, textures are everywhere.  One good way to add texture in the home is by adding nature designs. The bare, unpainted natural wood grain patterns are perfect to add some textures. Add some natural finish wood  as wall and furniture.  Other texture-rich decorations are wicker baskets, hemp rugs, wood panels and wooden floors.

  1. Change some colors.

Shiny metallic stuff should be balanced with earthy textured colors. Too many shiny decorations turn your home into a classical style home which is full of elegance as opposed to the rustic , adventurous  nature of country homes. One surefire way to give your home the country feels is by reducing plastic and metallic furniture with  wooden ones or those that use natural materials. Prefer pastel earthy  colors more than  bright colors.

  1. Use more wooden furniture.

If you live in a home  with upholstered  couch, metallic shelves and plastic cabinets, then you might want to replace some of them with antique or vintage furniture made of wood. Wood is the key to making the house a bit more country.  Wood also looks better than plastic and lasts for years and are non-toxic.

  1. Some antiques won’t hurt.

Antiques give your home  some mysterious feeling.  You can score some affordable, good antique furniture from garage sales, flea markets and even antique stores. Just don’t overdo it with antiques or your home would look dated.

  1. Display a guitar and country star posters.

Nothing says country like a guitar. Just hanging it in the living room will immediately country-fy your house. Don’t choose electric guitars, instead get good acoustic ones, the more battered the better it will look in the home.

If you want to add country elements in your home like wood flooring and walls or for home renovation in Brisbane East, Capalaba, or Redland City, contact us.