Every once in a while you might have to entertain a visitor in your home. It could be a visiting relative, a friend needing a place to crash for the night or your parents checking on you. This is where a guest room will be useful. After all, you want them to feel comfortable while they stay in your home.

Most guest rooms are good enough for one or two people, but what if your whole family is visiting? This is why many people want to maximize the space in their guest room to accommodate more people. If you feel your guest room is just too small for visitors who come to your home, you can renovate the room or make quick changes to make use of space.

Here are some tips to do that:

  1. Murphy beds or wall beds

If you are not familiar with Murphy beds, these are the beds that can be stored standing up along the wall when not in use. When no one is sleeping, you can simply store the bed by making it stand along the wall. Some variations also let the bed fold into its designated cabinet. This bed can save a lot of space in a room during the day so your visitors can walk around your guest room without the bed getting in the way. Murphy beds are also becoming more popular nowadays because of the cost of premium apartments. Bunk beds or loft beds are also a good option.

  1. Tall closets and cabinets

If your guest room is small, you would want to use the vertical space to  store things your visitors brought with them. Oftentimes, the vertical space is not used well in many homes as people choose to use low cabinets to get their items easily. But if you want to save space, then tall cabinets  would work best for you. Tall cabinets you buy from the store may have a high chance of toppling. The better option is to have a renovation company make one that is attached to the wall.

  1. Add hooks on the wall for hanging coats and bags.

Coats and bags may be small things, but if they are placed on the floor, they would take space. Placing cooks strategically on the wall of your guest room is an affordable but effective way to store bags and coats. You can also add a walk-in closet to your house where your visitors can store their stuff.

  1. Wall-mounted TV and speakers

TV and speakers can also take a lot of space if placed on a stand. Mounting the TV on the wall saves a lot of space. Many modern speaker systems can also be mounted on the wall and will not take a lot of room.

  1. Bigger windows for more light and better view.

Sometimes, a big walking space is not enough to make your guest room more comfortable. Making the windows in your guest room bigger will let more natural light in and make the space brighter and also lets your visitors see the surrounding much better. It also promotes better air circulation.

This guest room doubles as a living room.

Guests and visitors should be welcomed with open heart and open arms. But welcoming them is not enough to make them comfortable as they stay with you. Giving them a comfortable place to rest is very important if you want them to be happy visiting you. You don’t need to spend so much to improve your guest room, but the benefits are great.

If the guest room doesn’t get used often, you can add a table, chair, and shelves so it can double as your home office, a hangout room or a kid’s playroom.

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