Living off grid is by no means all fun and games. But nothing could make off grid living  problematic than a problematic house.  Living  in a forest,  for example, makes your log cabin vulnerable to termites, rats, and other animals.  Often, you can simply repair damages yourself, but there are times when you need  professional help.  But that’s not all, if you live off the grid as a growing family, you may need to expand your home as additional members of the family are born. This may mean more than just an additional room, but also an additional source of  daily needs like water and electricity, which is not a problem if you live on-grid but a big problem when living off grid.  That’s when  you call a renovation company.

Here are some of the renovations you may need for off grid homes:

Additional rooms

A baby on the way would mean happiness for the entire family, but also brings about necessary adjustments in living condition. The most obvious among the adjustments is the room for the baby.  You may ask a renovation company to help you maximize your space and add rooms to your home.

Better water collection

Whether it is because you have a new member of the family or because you  simply want to take more baths than you used to, you may want a better water collection system. Most off grid houses  who live far from natural water sources like rivers or streams use rainwater for pretty much anything.  Having a bigger water collection system will be a great idea if you want to ensure you don’t run out of the good old H2O.

Naturally, you’d want a water collector or reservoir that would last for a long time. You need to install it correctly. You can do it yourself or you can hire a renovation expert to help you.

Better water treatment

Safe, clean water is probably the most important resource that we all need to live.  Unlike tap water in the cities and towns that’s been cleaned for human consumption, water from streams, springs, or rivers and even from rain can contain some bacteria and pathogens that may be harmful.

Installing mini water treatment or water purifier in your house is a good way to protect your family from water-borne diseases.

More electricity

If you want to add a new appliance in your home such as an oven or  a washing machine, you may want to add more solar panels and more batteries for your electricity supply.  If your roof is already at it’s last capacity for solar panel weight, you should ask a renovation company to help you build a solar panel deck.

Repairs and renovations

Finally, there are repairs and improvements  that you may need to do in your home that you can’t do alone.  Roof replacement,   for example can’t be done alone. You would need people who know how to replace a roof professionally for your family’s safety.

Living off the grid does not mean you shut out other people, especially those that you may need for your home. If your off grid home in Brisbane East needs renovations, don’t hesitate to contact 4sk Constructions and Renovations.