It’s easy to see why most people would prefer for seasons to be forever summer. It’s great for vacations, travelling, outdoor parties, and family-friendly sports activities like swimming or trampolining. Weather also affects mood. An article on Psych Central says higher temperatures can boost the mood of a depressed person.

Summer may still be months away, but you can make it forever summer in your home with these quick changes:

  1. Install a swinging chair on your porch.

A swinging chair on your porch reminds you of summers at the beach or vacations at your grandparents’ house. Hammocks are another great option too. A porch swing or a hammock can instantly make your home feel relaxing.

Photo by Historical Concepts – Porch with Swing
  1. Repaint interiors in blue and white.

Blue and white are nautical colours that give off a summer vibe. Have a navy blue accent wall, then paint the rest of the walls in white. Try furniture accessories and bedsheets in these colours too.

  1. Add bright colors to neutral spaces.

Add a splash of color to neutral spaces like your living room or dining area. Think bright yellow throw pillows, red foot rug, colorful flowers in clear vases, table runners in pastel colours, etc. Pay attention to the small details. You can also add natural elements like stones and shells.

  1. Hang string lights on your deck.

Deck or patio string lights make your nights look fun and cozy. You can also try shaded string lights, which would look great on the trellis.

  1. Install wood panel walls.

Wood panel walls in their natural color or painted in white reminds you of a summer house or a cottage. Install these in your bedroom or bathroom for instant summer warmth and character.

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